Open, accountable government, BC Liberal style

B.C. Lottery Corp. seeks reversal of document order, CBC News, March 15, 2011

“The Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Centre (Fintrac), the federal money laundering watchdog, hit BCLC in 2010 with a $700,000 fine for failing to adequately report suspected money laundering. The lottery corporation is appealing the fine.

The penalty followed a 2008 CBC News investigation that revealed how it was possible to launder huge amounts of cash at casinos.

“…The latest legal challenge by BCLC is just the latest in a series of attempts by the corporation to overturn the commissioner’s orders, according to Darrell Evans, of the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA).

“It’s a shocking record of non-compliance, not only with [freedom of information] requests, but with the orders of the commission to release information,” Evans said. “This is the public’s way of finding out what’s really going on behind the scenes of public bodies.”

“There have been six orders by the information and privacy commissioner’s office directing the B.C. Lottery Corporation to release records and out of the six orders BCLC has appealed five.

“They’re basically using litigation here to delay the process,” said Vince Gogolek, Evans’ colleague at FIPA’

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  1. Criminal behavior? If it walks like a duck…looks like a duck…maybe, just maybe….

    “Revealing the truth” is something this party and government, is appalling negative at. What do they have to hide…Hmmm.

    Guess we will have to wait for the trials…there will probably be so many that this governing party, will have to book court time, well into the next century to get all this mess sorted out. That new prison in the Kelowna, better reserve an entire tier..better yet, build the prison on Baffin island! Maybe hell does freeze over…


  2. Prosecutors and the BC courts cannot cope, which results in charges being thrown out or stayed because of delays. Perhaps the Liberals think that is a good thing that might protect them from prosecution when the whole story emerges.


  3. More BCLC arrogance: ” March 15, 2012
    B.C. Lottery Corp. severed 14 workers from its Kamloops information technology department Thursday, saying their skills are no longer a match for future needs.
    The move is part of restructuring within information technology at the organization that will save about $1 million a year, said CEO Michael Graydon. He said he did not know the cost of severance packages.
    The 14 workers who were fired will be replaced, along with seven additional new hires who will do work that has traditionally been contracted out.
    “We identified 14 people who really didn’t have the skills for the roles we required,” Graydon said. “It’s very unfortunate but we do need to make sure we have the right skill set.”

    Quick Christy… call Graydon and remind how you are working so hard at maintaining the jobs people have. It's called Training & investing in your staff.

    Guy in Victoria


  4. Casino's are popular world wide.

    The popularity is due in large part because of the ability to move large sums of cash around without a paper trail.
    The First Nations are aware of this & are the Government ( think Bingogate).

    It's just another side of our Democratic Social caring society, well perhaps not!!!


  5. Thanks for keeping this story alive, Norm. Except for one little article on the CBC news website, I haven't been able to find anymore about it. Doesn't anyone else find this strange?


  6. The sad fact was and is, BC's gaming legislation and casinos were designed to launder money and to be more specific launder drug money. It is easy to do and a failsafe way to make 'dirty' money, 'clean' money.

    Why, you ask?

    The sad fact is much of our social elites in this berg have made their 'bundle' illegally, in both real estate, grow=ops or up front funding of drug deals.

    The prime goal of the financiers of drug money is to be socially acceptable and in that end, the profits from the drug trade are invested in public works, sports teams, restaurant chains and alike. Then comes luxury houses, condos in exotic places and elite private schools for the children, to 'marry' into Vancouver's upper classes, thus intermarrying 'dirty' money with only slightly 'dirty' money, hoping in the end for socially acceptable 'clean' money.

    The Liberal and NDP's foray into this dark underworlds of 'dirty' money has exposed the extent of organized crime and foreign interests that has infected our various government in Victoria. In BC today, no one in provincial politics has clean hands when it comes to laundered money issues, but some politicians hands are a far more dirtier than others.


  7. Why does Rich Coleman's face pop immediately into my mind's eye?

    Evil Eye is right, as usual. Look at The Legislature raids. Look at the Picton Inquiry and Wally Oppal's obstruction of any mention of the involvement of the Hell's Angels, not to mention his obstruction of fair legal representation for the families of the victims. Look at the Cheif of Police in Merritt, busted for doing Cocaine stolen from the evidence locker.

    Thanks for bringing this into the light Norm.


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