Civil Rights

White racism alive and well in USA

Overt racism that disgusted so many of us in the fifties and sixties is not tolerated in most circles today. An exception though involves the American world of right wing wacko politics. The John Locke Foundation, like the Canadian based Fraser Institute, calls itself a free-market think tank. It is largely financed by family wealth of Art Pope, a long time participant in Republican, libertarian and conservative causes.

Tara Servatius, a blogger for The John Locke Foundation, this week illustrated a story about President Obama with a photoshopped image of the president in chains and high heels with a bucket of fried chicken.

North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber protested the portrayal of Obama:

We at the NC NAACP have learned of the disgusting picture of our President on the John Locke Foundation blog and website. What we have seen so far has both racist and homophobic overtones, both of which are contrary to the fundamentals of our democracy. It’s outrageous and it shows the kind of racialized, mean-spirited and divisive political attitudes that still exist in the South.

On Thursday we will demand to know who authorized and developed such a racist and bigoted portrayal to be placed on the site of an organization that seeks to have so much influence into the shaping of public policy in NC. Whoever did it is completely over the line. It is reckless and dangerous. And should not only be an affront to the black community, the civil rights community, the LBGT community, but every North Carolinian.

Memories from my youth

Rick Santorum, favoured candidate of the Christian right, demonstrated his willingness to pander to the causes of hatred and bigotry after a radical evangelical preacher opening a campaign rally with calls for all non-Christians to “get out” of America. According to Britain’s The Telegraph:

Republican contender Mr Santorum was shown clapping approvingly in the background as the rightwing pastor delivered the ranting fire and brimstone address. He later received a personal blessing from the preacher who called on God’s will to be done in the upcoming election.

The comments raise some embarrassing questions for the ultraconservative Catholic candidate, who has previously said J F Kennedy’s notion of separating the Church and state made him want to “throw up”.

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