Something is rotten in the state of PavCo

The government’s fiscal year ends in a few days so here’s a suggestion for more accurate financial reports in BC. Add a separate line item for “Fraud, Theft & Abuse.” That way, taxpayers could know the real costs of legitimate programs and the voters still supporting Christy Clark’s team would better know what the subterfuge of her friends is costing.

Fraud prevention experts know that dupery usually starts small but, if not conscientiously resisted, it can grow to 5% of budgets and more. For undisciplined, dishonest Liberals spending $40-billion annually on programs, that would top $2-billion a year. However, we don’t realize the magnitude of these losses because they’re scattered all over the financial statements.

Take PavCo for example. In the last few years, they’ve spent billions building — some would say overbuilding — convention and stadium facilities. It would be helpful if we could separate the actual building costs from the costs of political favours, shams and scams. Maybe the facilities could operate without needing huge continuing subsidies.

Online journalist Ian Reid is a guy with enough political savvy to know all the tricks and he’s caught PavCo in what seems to be overt deception.

Responding to FOI demands, PavCo failed to disclose meetings with Ken Dobell, a rainmaker working both public and private sides of the street. Reid, through separate FOI requests, determined that Dobell was billing city taxpayers for meetings with PavCo while the crown agency was claiming no interaction.

It was during this time period that T. Richard Turner, the city and PavCo were working to accommodate Paragon’s plans for a major casino as part of the BC Place reconstruction.

In a series of articles at The Real Story, Reid showed that PavCo was giving advantage to this well-connected private company, advantages provided before anyone else had any opportunity to compete.

RossK, The Gazetteer, also provides a good read: The Casino-Industrial-Complexities….One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.

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  1. I guess the backbench MLAs allowing these frauds to continue are either A) too dumb to know what is happening or B) hoping to share in dishonest spoils.

    As more time goes by, the second seems more likely than the first.


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