Auditor General

Solution for the Auditor General

A person commenting on Jonathan Fowlie’s puffery in the Vancouver Sun proposes a way Premier Photo-Op can resolve her government’s dispute with Auditor General John Doyle over documents in the Basi Virk payoff:

“…the Auditor General will be given a “mediator” with a zero document mandate.”

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  1. Okay, that is funny Norm. I read Mackin this morning courtesy of RossK. I did not know that the fake mediator is a Liberal appointee to two key boards. Seems that golf money wasn't just for good old non-partisan fun time.


  2. Its called “Obstruction of Justice” folks! A serving government, does not have the “legal” right to “block any type” of investigation, into what is beleieved to be a crime. There is no “statute of limitations” into major fraud, embezzelment,or other major crime.

    If the perception of a coverup exsists, of questionable legal situatiom or issue, the Attorney General, by his or her very position, should not be seen as hindering or “ostructing” any investigation, or request. To do so, would be to call that office into disrepute, and that individual's resignation, would be in order. What do you think, your “Oath of Office”, really means? Cabinet confidentiality, does not include, the “cover up” of a serious crime, by any government official, or party for that matter.

    We really do have to “wake up”, in this province.


  3. “Corruption, and in particular political corruption, is a deeply corrosive and destructive force. While frequently perceived as a victimless crime, in reality its victims are too many to be identified individually.” – The Mahon Tribunal’s final report.

    I beleive the respected tribunal's quote, says it all, about the problem we currently have, in this province. Someone has to have the political and moral will, to end this nonsense. The BC Liberal party, must bear the responsibility, of allowing its members,to engage in the corruption, we have witnessed over the past 10 years.

    A political party, can “create” policy, but to allow deceit and corruption to influence policy, is the fault of the party officials, who allow the policy's to be co-opted by individuals, whose own agenda's,
    are “considerably” more important, than the public's.


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