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Questions for SFU and Wilf Hurd

April 5, I sent an email to Wilf Hurd, Simon Fraser University’s Director, Government Relations, (Contact info), posing three questions:

  • Have you issued a public statement responding to Jonathan Fowlie’s report in the Vancouver Sun stating you caused SFU to pay more than $2,000 spent in BC Liberal Party Fundraisers?
  • Further, has it been your practice previously to support a political party with public or quasi public funds?
  • Do you intend to resign from your position at SFU?

Not surprisingly, Mr. Hurd chose not to reply.

Reports filed with Elections BC show that Wilfred L. Hurd made ten donations to the BC Liberal Party in 2011, totalling $4,085.

Today, I have additional questions regarding what may be duplicity involving the ex Liberal politician.

1. Did SFU reimburse Hurd for any 2011 donations receipted to Hurd by BC Liberals?

2. Were any reimbursed donations claimed as tax credits on Mr. Hurd’s 2011 tax return?

From BC Liberal list of individual contributors

Link to the spreadsheet at Google Docs

April 8 update: An officer of SFU advises their Internal Auditor has been asked “to review Mr Hurd’s expenses.”

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  1. Thanks for the post, I don't read the sun anymore but as an alumni of SFU the actions of this member of the university does not surprise me. I did a followup email asking the Mavis MacMillen, Director, President's Office and Mr. Hurd's boss why your questions have not been answered and will share any response with you.


  2. Good questions for Wilf Hurd. And, what about all the other “individual” contributions to the BC Liberals? Were personal tax receipts issued for individual donations that were reimbursed by the connected company? And, were tax deductions claimed by those individuals?

    Just asking……


  3. Is is becoming clearer and clearer that expense accounts of all kinds must be done away with. They are all out of control and it is time that employees take responsibility for their own jobs and stop this ego driven practice.


  4. Wow! I'm also a Grad from SFU and find it rather disgraceful that this man would stoop this low. This is a 'scam' pure and simple. It wasn't his money it was the Universities. He (I allege) used his position to make political donations with SFU funds for personal gain and political profit. He should resign or be fired.


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