Cash for kids

Former Judge on Trial in ‘Cash for Kids’ Scheme, JON HURDLE and SABRINA TAVERNISE, New York Times, February 8, 2011

“SCRANTON, Pa. — A former Pennsylvania judge went on trial in federal court on Tuesday, charged with racketeering, bribery and extortion in what prosecutors say was a $2.8 million scheme to send juvenile delinquents to privately run prisons…

“Mr. Ciavarella, now 60, sentenced thousands of young people, funneling them into two private detention centers prosecutors say were run by his friends who slipped him payments in a “cash for kids” scheme…”

America’s reliance on mass incarceration has created a thriving prison economy. Great for business, maybe not so great for the nation.

Take note, Stephen Harper. You may be taking us in the same direction.

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  1. Do we not think that Harper, Toews and company are bent on this course of action? It takes prison costs off the books and clears the streets of all manner of miscreants and dissenters. It's a real win-win situation for the pols and the prison investors. Does Corix have a corrections division?


  2. It's possible to commodify everything – it might even make “good business sense” to do so. But that doesn't make it wise or ethical.

    To bad it's not possible to manufacture and sell moral compasses. Seems like there's a market for them.


  3. I've been shocked by money collected by BC Liberals from organizations reliant on government funding or that owe their fortunes, even existence, to government regulation.

    Stay tuned for more information about bribery, extortion and money laundering that funds the BC Liberal Party.


  4. You bet I will be staying tuned…while your at it, don't forget to go to the book that publishes all the stock options issued to those who make life easy for privately held companies in the transportation, resource extraction and power generation industries…..be they elected officials, government appointed bureaucrats or prominent public figures retained for promotional and reporting purposes. What that you say? There is no book?


  5. It is no surprize that the USA has the highest child incarceration rates, they have privatized prisons. Judges are elected, they need money to be elected. The prison industry helps get them elected & they reward the prison industry & round & round it goes.

    Harper & his neo cons were lobbied by the NRA & there went the long gun registry. He rammed through his criminal “crime bill” even though the provinces said they couldn't afford it. Simple solution, P3s & they can send all the new “criminals” to the new prison industry. How nice to see our civil rights sacrificed so the prison industry can make more money.

    After the robo call scandal is investigated manybe we can get Harper & his crew some rooms in the jails, but it would be best if they were Canadian federally operated jails. Private jails don't pay their staff that well & they are open to bibery.


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