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$30K+ Liberal donations involve Charles Jago

True intermediary needs impartiality, Editorial Peace Arch News, April 11, 2012

“Wherever one stands on the current teachers’ dispute, it must be recognized that it is crucial for all sides that the mediator appointed should be considered by all parties to be independent and impartial at the outset.

“Unfortunately for upcoming negotiations – already a potential minefield – there are serious flaws in the optics of the B.C. government’s appointment of Charles Jago as mediator, at an estimated cost to taxpayers of $2,000 per day .

“…Jago has been faulted by the BC Teachers Federation as a former contributor to the BC Liberals’ war chest – to the tune of $500 in 2007 and the same again in 2010.

“And now comes the admission from Abbott that Jago both saw – and suggested changes to – Bill 22 before it became law, even before the BCTF had a chance to submit its own suggestions for mediator.

“It is pointless to argue, as Abbott has done, that the sections Jago viewed of the draft bill pertained only to his terms of reference and his mandate. That he contributed to any of it clearly compromises the process – in the same way as discussion of evidence of a criminal case among jurors, however innocuous, is deemed sufficient cause to declare a mistrial…”

BC Liberals have featured Charles Jago’s former role as President of the University of Northern British Columbia but media paid scant attention to his years of service as a director of Liberal backer Canfor Pulp. Dr. Jago is Chair of Canfor Pulp Products Inc. and he is also Chair of Sinclair Group Forest Products Ltd., another Liberal donor.

Canfor Pulp has donated $26,975 to the BC Liberal Party since 2007 and Sinclair Group another $2,500. Jago’s close associate at Canfor Pulp, Chair Emeritus Peter Bentley, has donated thousands more to the BC Liberals as have fellow directors Ron Clliff and William Stinson.

Additionally, Jago served in a management capacity with Partnerships BC, the Liberal created agency to promote public private partnerships.

Jago clearly lacks understanding of qualifications needed to serve as a mediator. One of the most important qualities is the ability to maintain and demonstrate neutrality toward all parties. Being an individual donor and Board Chair of two companies donating to the BC Liberals demonstrates that Jago is not neutral in the dispute he is asked to mediate. If he were an honourable man, he would withdraw without delay.

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  1. ” I'm not certain if my proficiency with words has improved ” You are being too modest. Without a doubt you have a very professional way of expressing your research in a way that everyone can understand and not only find informative but at times entertaining. Your work is appreciated. With respect to Charles Jago, your article shows the Liberal club of financial support can always be connected to who the Liberals support as well…. financially that is.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. “If he were an honourable man, he would withdraw without delay.”

    And if he were an “honourable man.” the BC liaRs wouldn't touch him with a ten meter pole!


  3. “If he were an honourable man, he would withdraw without delay”.

    Norman, I'll go out on a lib and say “he isn't, and therefore he won't”.

    Gary L.


  4. Hi Norm,
    While I expect this kind of thing from Gorman and Clark/Campbell, there was a time when I would never have expected it from Abbott. Although folks pretend that he is 'not like the others, Bill 22 and the Jago affair prove that he is just as bad or worse. Worse because somewhere deep down he knows he could do so much better for public schoolchildren. Shameful hypocrisy and lack of courage in one who pledged to serve the public.


  5. Abbott also was the guy who appointed Jago to chair the Northern Health Authority. How likely is he now to bite the hand that feeds him…?


  6. Jargo personally made donations to the lieberals & companies he chaired did also. Now he is being rewarded by a $2K a day job to ensure the teachers are not dealt with fairly.

    Works for the lieberals, works for Jargo, just doesn't work for the teachers & sttudents. Impartiality? I don't think Christie knows the word & Jargo must have forgotten it.


  7. The Kleptocacy is still in charge. As to the teachers negotiations….boycott them as not being impartial, nor in the best intrests of “both” parties. This individual, should at least step down and remove himself from any invovlment, in this issue. Surely, he can see the direct conflict of intrest, if not, then there is something very wrong, with the “optics” of this.


  8. Just reading old stuff… I don't think I ever heard this point before. One more reason to laugh/cringe at the optics of this “impartiality.” He's getting $2,000-$4,000 per day for this sham, as well.


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