BC Liberals

Willing buyers, willing seller

“There are two things that are important in politics. The first thing is money, and I can’t remember what the second one is.”
– Mark Hanna, campaign architect, ca. 1900

David D. Kirkpatrick of The New York Times wrote in 2010:

“Private influence-seekers shower big contributions on politicians because they want to gain access and shape policy; they would not spend the money if they got nothing in return.”

Of course, all willing purchasers require a willing seller and never has British Columbia had a government more willing to dump public treasure on its friends. Despite claiming superior business skills, BC Liberals turned Kirkpatrick’s statement on its head. They spent public resources and got close to nothing for the public in return. At least, nothing that is disclosed on the record, in Canada.

I emphasize that numbers reported above are incomplete. Elections BC reporting facility is primitive, providing search intelligence that would have made a database manager proud, in the early nineties. Slightly different search criteria shows another $31,225 not included in the above.

If one searches for political contributions made by Peter Bentley, Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors of Canfor (formerly Canadian Forest Products), or current Board Chair Ron Cliff, results depend on punctuation:

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is that they spent the same amount on smartmeters as Ontario for one third as many meters? someone is jiggling the books to the tune of approx. $660,000.
    We need to find out why!


  2. How many meters are there in BC . $660,000,000 seems to be a high number to me. Are they made of gold or is someone lining there pocket at our expence.


  3. 4.5 millon “Smart meters” installed in Ontario for $1 Billion.

    1.8 million “Smart Meters” installed in British Columbia for $1 Billion also.

    Cost of BC smart meters is two and half times the cost of Ontario:-

    Ontario smart meter cost = 1,000,000,000/4,5000,000 = $222.22 per meter.

    British Columbia smart meter cost =
    1,000,000,000 / 1,800,000 = $555.55 per meter.

    Given the smart meters are basically the same meters, made the same way by the same companies and do the same job – why is one meter more than double the cost of the other meter ?

    Cost in British Columbia should be 1.8 million x $222.22 = $399,996,000

    Difference in cost of $600,000,000 or $600 million.

    This looks an awful lot like massive fraud being perpetuated by either the BC Liberal government or BC Hydro (Corix installers) or their sub contractors – or all of the above.

    This abuse absolutely screams out for a FEDERAL investigation by either the RCMP in Ottawa or another responsible federal agency.



  4. Projected cost of 1500km Endbridge Pipeline: $6 Billion
    Projected cost of 1000km Kinder Morgan Pieline Twinning: $5.5 Billion
    Actual sale price of 2500 km BCRail Line c/w rolling stock & management: $0.5 Billion!

    Brokered by His Eminence, Gordon Campbell, broker of the Fast Ferry four cents on the dollar deal!


  5. Great payback for Encana for a $647,070 investment in the Liberals over 7 years – $2,100,000 in Carbon offset credits from Pacific Carbon Trust, paid from taxpayer funds allocated to Schools, Health Authorities and other publicly funded institutions. Only one of the ways the BC Libs and Big business scratch each others backs with public funds.


  6. I think you'll find the huge payback for Encana is in the provincial contribution to developing the LNG facilities in BC's mid coast. That will cost the province large dollars and Encana will be a prime beneficiary.

    More corporate welfare directed to the very people who want to see government programs reduced.


  7. I think most of the $930 million for the smart meters in BC is actually for the so-called smart grid infrastructure, not the meters themselves. It's still a massive waste of money. My old meter worked fine.


  8. Hugh,

    The argument is the same for the Ontario smart grid infrastructure too. It still doesn't alter the fact that British Columbia is paying through the nose for these meters and going by the money amounts each province has quoted, BC is getting ripped off royally.



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