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We’ll tell you what you really, really want

Is Times Colonist becoming BC’s newspaper of record? It might be the go-to place to follow BC current events, except for political commentary provided by that guy whose son toiled professionally for the BC Liberal Party.

RossK offers applause to TC writer Lindsay Kines in This Is What Public Service Journalism Looks Like. I add my salute to both newspaper and writer because this truly is work that makes a difference to our community.

Rob Shaw is another fine writer at TC. His blog discusses the crass efforts of federal Conservative, now provincial Liberal, apparatchik Ken Boessenkool to remake the LINOs in a style designed to please the Fraser Institute, C.D. Howe Institute and other neo-liberal activists from his circle of friends.

In theory, a political party convenes persons with common opinions and facilitates collective interest articulation. By joining a political party, individuals attempt to influence policies pursued by the state. In healthy democracies, ideas and policies originate with the rank and file. In totalitarian states, ideas and policies are imposed upon the rank and file by elites.

Former Enbridge lobbyist Boessenkool, with a background in radical-right political movements populated by elites, apparently doesn’t believe in remaking the BC Liberal Party or the province’s Conservative Party through participation of its members. From Rob Shaw’s Inside the B.C. Liberal reach-out:

…Here’s an interesting account from a Times Colonist interview with Jeff Bridge, the Conservative party’s deputy campaign manager, who got a call from Premier Christy Clark’s chief of staff, Ken Boessenkool, around 9:30 a.m. Friday..

“They say they got a list of names from guys in the [Liberal] cabinet of people that are involved in the senior level of the Conservative party and want to know if we’d be interested in listening to them and working with them and avoiding a vote split in the next general election,” said Bridge. “In other words they want to merge the parties.”

“I said, ‘Look you’ve got a knucklehead for a leader why would I want to do that?’ We’ve already gone down the path with the B.C. Liberals, some of us, we’re not doing it again. I have no interest…

By the way, as Boessenkool was dialing for Tories, Premier Photo-Op was telling Global TV’s Jas Johal,

“I don’t think British Columbians respond very well to backroom deals. I don’t think people wanna see politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors”

More evidence to prove my March article: Premier Photo Op is a compulsive liar

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  1. Hi Norman

    Just a note of thanks to you on all your thoughtful reporting (unpaid!) and analysis. Your blog is so informative, a respectful, intelligent forum and much appreciated antidote to the mirky back room politics and front room shadowy reporting that has too long dominated and eroded our province.

    Your hard work along with other dedicated progressives is reaching more and more citizens illuminating the truth that has been too long oscured. Veracity will soon be rewarded – the tide has turned.

    Thank you.


  2. Maybe the Times Colonist's management has learned that decreasing sales of their paper is due, in part, to the mainstream media pandering to the Liberals.

    The Sun and NW haven't learned this lesson as their popularity plummets.

    As for your blog, it is on my morning read list after the Tyee and BBC.

    Hats off to you, Ross K, Harv, Berner, Laila, et al, who are fast becoming the true fifth estate.


  3. The un-elcted premier that would walk is indeed a pathological liar. She can't possibly last much longer. Which is too bad as she is the NDP's best foil.


  4. Hey….Great idea evil eye! Why not have the CBC's Fifth Estate, do a complete expose on the Basi Virk…BC Rail scandal. Great journalistic coverage of a “complete con job” on the people of BC. Make sure we include all the clowns, in the three ring circus! Campbell, Christy et al. Bravo…! great thinking!


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