A challenge to corporate media

British Columbia’s inept Liberals slide toward oblivion and Alberta’s long reigning Conservatives are already at the brink. No doubt, social media and online commentary contributes by impacting political dialog but the output of corporate media, with few notable exceptions, is limited by commercial interests, a situation made worse by today’s concentrated ownership.

Canada is leaning toward the American experience where choice is between milquetoasts afraid of offending elites or empty headed blowhards determined to offend polite society. We get little communication both robust and thoughtful .

Former New York Times correspondent Chris Hedges writes of the depressing experience of empty dialog:

The Globalization of Hollow Politics, Chris Hedges, Truthdig, April 23, 2012:

The emptying of content in political discourse in an age as precarious and volatile as ours will have very dangerous consequences. The longer the political elite—whether in Washington or Paris, whether socialist or right-wing, whether Democrat or Republican—ignore the breakdown of globalization, refuse to respond rationally to the climate crisis and continue to serve the iron tyranny of global finance, the more it will shred the possibility of political consensus, erode the effectiveness of our political institutions and empower right-wing extremists. The discontent sweeping the planet is born out of the paralysis of traditional political institutions.

The Hedges item was recommended by reader Susan Heyes. Another reader contribution came this morning from Lew Edwardson. He is circulating a request to numerous corporate media folks, challenging them to debate issues they prefer to ignore. I’ll write later about the specifics of Mr. Edwardson’s comments but the need for his action demonstrates the hollowness of issue examination in MSM. This is the beginning of Lew’s well crafted and widely circulated message:

Many significant issues publicly raised by responsible local bloggers are not being covered by traditional news organizations in BC for some reason. When inquiring about it I’ve either been met with silence, or in the case of CKNW, claims by a senior legislative reporter that the stories are crap, lies, and fabrications. I challenged him with real story examples for confirmation and a request that the statement about lies and fabrications be justified with specifics. After all, CKNW is “BC’s News Leader”. Silence ensued. Now this: Twitter Time.

Hopefully Mr. Woodford will deal with the examples below to prove his point, but just in case this is my plea to others in the traditional media.

I am wondering if at least one amongst you is up to the challenge. Specific determination of why the issues raised below are true or false and how you know either way would be very much appreciated. Many other issues have gone unreported, but if you would humor me with answers to just these few recent examples I would be most grateful. Even a “yes” or “no” and how you came to your answers would provide some understanding…


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  1. Chris Hedges is honest to the core.
    He is neither left nor right!
    Chris see's the failings of the whole system & is not idealogy driven.
    One wonders what his comments would be to a NDP reaction to the forest industry Unions demand to “harvest” reserve forest land?


  2. Norm,

    I note with interest your commitment to follow up on Mr Lew Edwardson's quest.


    Be interesting to see who steps up to the plate.

    Keep up the good work!



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