Public consultation without the public

More fine work from the The Victoria Times Colonist. Katie Derosa explores the provincial government’s fake public consultation about police reform.

BC Liberals consult on policing plan

Province’s policing consultation called a ‘farce’:

“The Justice Ministry on Wednesday announced its “public engagement” strategy – consisting of closed-door meetings with invite-only stakeholders and a blog that is not yet set up – to support the development of a 10-year policing plan.

“…About 40 people – mostly the region’s police chiefs and politicians and B.C. police union representatives – were at the Victoria meeting.

“…Robert Gordon, a criminologist at Simon Fraser University, called the strategy “a farce,” saying it is the government’s way of appearing to ask for public input while gathering information that will affirm the status quo or support incremental changes…”

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  1. “A spokeswoman said media were prohibited so that participants could speak freely about their ideas for policing reforms…..” this sounds a lot like Gabe Barf barring the Press from a Christy Crunch talk to her supporters on the North shore earlier this month.

    If the BC Liberals don't wise up pretty damn quickly they'll wrongly be believing that the public isn't a necessity to get elected in 2013.

    When there is another election, will the Press be barred from the real PUBLIC meetings as well, not just the PRESS and the PUBLIC?


  2. The only thing “public” about any announcements regarding public consultations on any subject by this government amounts to nothing more than the initial announcement.


  3. Government without public involvement? Only the BC Lib's could dream up such a novel way to continue the “farce” they are engaged in.

    Seems they are trying to change, the limitation statutes as well.

    With no public involvement, and no limitation on statutes. Why not call it just a money grab?


  4. Pretty much how the government handled the Review on the use of antipsychotic drugs in BC's long term care facilities last year. And how the ombudsperson conducted the Inquiry into seniors care in BC. A few public forums are occasionally held, but both those exercises were window dressing at best. Mostly, it was approved insiders/groups that were “consulted”.

    Reminds me of the BC Law Society announcement last year, to big fanfare (their own) that they would be appointing 2 members of the public to their board, as some grand move towards public accountability. Who do they think they're kidding?

    And where are the NDP in this police farce? Same place they were for the antipsychotic drug review and seniors inquiry. Hiding behind platitudes. Only a few of the NDP members and the independent MLAs Vicki Huntington and Bob Simpson are doing the kind of work MLAs should be doing.

    Maybe independent MLAs are the way to go across the board as the first step beyond this moribund “first past the post” system that has so constipated our democracy.


  5. Harper placed Boessenkool, with the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. They are just like, Harper's Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. BC has been poisoned, since Campbell's betrayal, of working for Harper began. The BC Conservatives, also support Harper on the Enbridge pipeline. I can't tell the difference between, Harper's so called Conservatives, the BC Liberals and the BC Conservatives. To me they are all and the same party.

    The NDP should be more supportive towards the BC people. We seem to be alone in fighting, the out and out corruption, lies and deceit, of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. We are trying to fight Harper and, his Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers, on our own.

    I am beginning to think an Independent is the way to go as well.


  6. It is interesting that the province would press forward with a supposed meaningful consultation concerning policing while the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry is still in the throes of determining how the murdered and missing women came to be failed by police. Mind you, it appears that the Commission has predetermined that the real purpose of the inquiry is to white wash the activities of police surrounding their failure to prevent the slaughter of the most vulnerable in our society.


  7. Excellent point, the first part so obvious that it hadn't even occurred to most of us. Your latter suggestion of white wash has been apparent from the start. A secondary purpose was to claim political high ground in the issue of human rights for poor women but the primary purpose has always been to provide a financial reward to loyal soldier Wally U. for his service in being the go-between who arranged the Basi Virk inducements.


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