How bigotry survives

For more than 25 years, the Catholic Church has been entangled in sexual abuse scandals, costing billions in settlements, debasing the church and wrecking the faith of many devout members.

BBC published a lengthy list: Catholic Church sex abuse scandals around the world and a common thread is maintenance of a culture of concealment. Evidence continues to surface showing the church hierarchy remains consciously committed to this culture and it discloses continuation of their own unhealthy attitudes toward human sexuality.

Pennsylvania: Nun Testifies About Being Fired, Jon Hurdle, New York Times, Apr. 11, 2012

“A Roman Catholic nun testified Monday that she was fired from her job as director of religious education at a Pennsylvania parish after reporting her suspicions about a priest who had been convicted of receiving child pornography…”

Commencement invite to gay speaker withdrawn, The Times Herald (Michigan), Apr. 27, 2012

“An aspiring actor and graduate of a Michigan Catholic school will not be allowed to speak at next month’s senior class commencement because he is openly gay.

“The Mount Pleasant Morning Sun and The Saginaw News report Friday that the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw decided that Sacred Heart Academy in Mount Pleasant would withdraw its offer to Dominic Sheahan-Stahl.

“Sheahan-Stahl graduated from the school in 1998. His youngest brother will graduate at the May 20 commencement.”

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