BC Hydro

$1.28 billion over the next four years

Hansard, May 14, 2012

Adrian Dix:

My question is to the Minister of Energy. The government’s energy policy has stripped away B.C. Hydro’s ability to capitalize on the high water flow as we’re experiencing this spring. As a result, our public utilities are being forced, as a result of the government policy, to pay massively inflated rates for power.

Would the Minister of Energy acknowledge that the government’s energy plan and the government’s energy policies are going to cost taxpayers dramatically now and in the next few years?

Rich Coleman:

 No, I won’t acknowledge that, hon. Member.

A. Dix:

Well, the minister…. You know, maybe in a 1970s British sitcom it makes sense to buy power at $60 to $100 and sell it at 20 cents to $17.60, but it certainly doesn’t make sense for the people of British Columbia. The government’s policies are costing taxpayers — according to Marvin Shaffer, $1.28 billion over the next four years. That’s the cost of them overpaying for power.

Can the minister at least explain, can he suggest, or can he confirm one way or another, whether B.C. Hydro will be spilling power over the dams, spilling water over the dams, without generating electricity?

R. Coleman:

You know, there are year-over-year fluctuations of water. I know that he isn’t aware of that maybe, necessarily, or knows that sometimes it affects one year versus another.

Be sure to read my Sunday piece: Taxpayers carry financial risks for IPPs

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  1. Hi Norm

    If all British Columbians were to watch Question Period the Liberals would be down to near zero percent in the polls and the Opposition would be double their now 50 percent approval rating.

    Coleman is a bombastic, overbearing, disrespectful embarrassment to the proper business and conduct of our Legislature. The NDP is having a field day, asking tough questions on a broad range of issues that are highlighting just how inept, uncaring, incompetent, bankrupt, deceptive and corrupt the Liberals have been. They still stubbornly resist listening to the people of BC. Every answer is an attack or deflection. The contrast of the business like (in a good way) and no nonsense manner Mr Dix and his team go after th truth is worthy of a historic landslide.

    Too bad the pro – MSM fail to cover the proceedings with any energy. If more people watched Question Period their 'reporting' would be seen for what it is. It is obvious with so much revealed in Question Period that they would rather look the other way. They do not really want to inform the people. It's too late!


  2. They wouldn't know how to fully, and truthfully, answer a question if it slapped them in the face.
    And arrogant little man falcon saying “improved” pst. What the hell does that mean? Keep holding on to your wallets people, the lieberals are not done yet.

    Bunch of arrogant, obnoxious, deceitful, corrupt idiots.


  3. I don't recall which politician, using the word “politician” in its well earned pejorative sense, or maybe it was more than one who showed the general disrespect for the voters in general by saying “it's called Question Period, not answer Period.”

    I think this may have been covered in the infamous HarperCon Manual teaching MPs and their staff how to disrupt committee meetings and impede Parliament in order to advance the agenda of the PsuedoCons, whether or not it was in the interest of Canadians.

    BTW, Norm, your response to my Wacky comment was depressing, not that I'm saying you are wrong. I get heartened when I hear news from the Olde Country about how the Leveson Inquiry is sifting the slime from even the higher levels who thought they were immune, and I see no limit to how high it will go. If we had a similar legal/justice/political system here perhaps some editors or pundits would be already under charges for their collusion with the Campbell Crime Mob in ripping off the assets of British Columbia – like our Ms. Brooks and many others (about 50 at least, including press management, high police officials and the investigation has even shaken up 10 Downing Street). The scandal has already cost Rupert the Pig one paper and the loss of one TeeVee system and there is no end in sight.

    If we could get Fleet Street interested in Capo Campbell, maybe we could get somewhere!


  4. There have been a number of energy ministers since Neufeldt(?) was shuffled off to the upper chamber – each one more stupid than the last. None really had the intellectual capacity to see that Gordo's so called self sufficiency was just some toxic Koolaid designed to enrich the IPP community and impose crippling rate increases on the ratepayers.


  5. Campbell twice lied to be elected for two different elections. That is permissible in Canada. Harper gave Campbell a pretty nice job, for doing his dirty work for him. Strangely in England, politicians are not permitted to lie, deceive, and cheat the people. M.P's go to prison, as did two Lords from the House of Lords.

    What is left of BC, for this province to recover with? Campbell pretty much thieved and sold our assets and resources. Conservative Boessenkool has been placed, within the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Seems the Campbell Clark BC Liberals and Boessenkool, all work for Harper. The BC Conservatives support Harper on, the Enbridge pipeline.

    At least the people of BC know, who not to vote for.


  6. Not to mention the wasteful spending on the wireless meters. One billion dollars to change everyone's meter so we can lose jobs, risk the whole system to hackers, see our bills go up and potential health problems. What a fix this puts on the incoming government. How do you get support to replace them all from activists and voters? You can easily say you reject them if you are a Green supporter as you will never have to make the hard decisions.
    I personally support the NDP in getting rid of the meters, and tax our hydro bills to do so.
    After gutting these outrageous contracts for IPP of course.


  7. Jail them all, and bring the “clown” back from England to join them. Snooki's heading for Asia, rather than deal with the political heat. Your right, (anonymous may 15th), hang on to your wallets, folks! The Kleptocrats are'nt done yet.


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