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  1. Well Bell is not the worst minister in there and his ministry does require a lot of travel – better that than big tabs in the Union Club

    But it also sounds like too many flights back and forth from PGeo. How does his tab compare with Bond and Lekstrom's travel tabs?

    And BTW this is where we begin to see the cost-benefits of BC govt having in-house airplanes and pilots on staff in combo with air ambulance and other public purposes


  2. But the McLean Family (David, of course) prefers it the way it is. They weren't content with BC Rail and film industry subsidies, they want their air charter system supported by the public as well.

    Free enterprise, you know.


  3. Anonymous 6:01. you're obviously a PAB with your head up the Libs rear so far you can't see or hear anything else. The LIbERalS are spending like there is no tomorrow! Of course there is no tomorrow for them.


  4. It takes a lot of cash to run a re-election campaign when the party you represent is sinking in public opinion polls. The only problem with this campaign…… it's being funded by hard working taxpayers across BC. ( in other words, do not try & convince me that such expenses are warranted )

    Guy in Victoria


  5. Kleptomania at its finest! The BC Lib's new mantra…”What do you mean we are going to be decimated, during the next election. Free enterprise is the way to go folks! Just look what we can do and what we've done”.

    What a complete crock of…s***. These people are theives pure and simple. To Anonymous 6:01, surely you can see the “true stupidity” in what has been done to the taxpayers of this province, so that a priviledged few, can control the wealth of others. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, the taxpayers in this province have had enough, we want value for dollar, not the theft of it.

    To bad that simple minded, greed and corruption, seem to be the base “mindset” of these folks. The economic deviance, and subversive behavior of the current group of sociopaths we have governing us, at the moment, is the true crime of the past 11 years.

    Its time to be rid of them. Go after every dollar they have ever spent and return it to the taxpayers!


  6. Indeed the Liberals have stolen in the $$ Billions from the taxpayers of this Province.
    The question is will a different Government see fit to investigate & prosecute where necessay the thieves?
    Are we likely to see some prominent Governmental figures behind bars?


  7. In England, politicians are not permitted to lie, deceive and thieve from the people. They go to prison, for doing so. There were even two Lords, from the House of Lords, that did time for exactly that. In Canada corrupt politicians are rewarded. The better the liars and thieves they are, the better the reward. Even in the U.S….a politician was sentenced for robo-calls. In Canada, robo-calls and election fraud are acceptable. Politicians are permitted to lie, and scam Canadian citizens. Harper, and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are far beneath contempt. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have thieved from the citizens, for over 12 years now.

    Gordon Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, is the sleaziest crime ever in our Nation. That was Campbell's first election lie. Campbell's second election lie, the HST wasn't on his radar, was another total blatant lie. The pages of the HST scam, flew back and forth between, Harper and Campbell. Hansen caught in a lie, finally admitted, the HST was very much on the radar, before the May BC election.

    Harper and Campbell worked frantically, to dismantle BC, before Campbell got the boot


  8. Wellllll the way that the BC Liberals have been re-writing what is, or isn't included in a month, it's interesting to note that the travel expenses for Pat Bell for the Month of March, is much higher than what is typical of him. He can't continue to spread the expenses over the next six months….. because the 2011 Fiscal Year ENDED on the last day of MARCH 2012! I'd say that $46,430.21 is a combination of hidden travel expenses due to the HST Ref AND hidden costs left over from the Trade Mission to China, India and Japan.


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