BC Liberals

Rewarding friends, jailing opponents

Again in 2012, Alexandra Morton was not awarded an Order of BC. Perhaps she is not sufficiently distinguished or perhaps she failed to offer financial support in the way others of this year’s recipients have done.

Alexandra is not entirely left out though. BC Liberals do have plans for her. Unfortunately, the plans involve a jail cell. She wrote this (and more) in the Alberni Valley Times:

“…the B.C. Liberal government are trying to pass legislation to put me in jail for talking about disease in these farms, but until then lets have a little honesty here.

“In March, Minister McRae, who is behind the legislation to outlaw disease reporting, said US and Asian legislators wanted to close their borders to B.C. farm salmon because of the ISA virus positive tests, which government and your Norwegian industry refuse to acknowledge. I have gone on to do more testing at the top labs in the world.

“If Mainstream is “not hiding anything” why did they refuse to allow the First Nations biologist to have two of your fish for testing.

“Let’s see the sequence data on this virus. Give us some proof of what virus and strain of virus is in the fish on that side hill overlooking Alberni Inlet.

“Threatening me is not going to help their image, nor stop these viruses from spreading.

“Now a second farm is IHN positive on the other side of Vancouver Island. If IHN outbreaks were natural in the B.C. marine environment, Mainstream wouldn’t be killing half a million fish.”

Please visit Alexandra Morton’s website and drop a few dollars in her fund to track viruses affecting coastal fisheries. This is work the federal government refuses to do because they don’t want to know the true results of scientific inquiry

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  1. Many, many times.. when I hear Alexandra Morton's name mentioned or invoked there seems to be a cloud of seriously thick people stubbornly resisting or ignoring her common sense, scientific expertise and her lovely though intensely proactive demeanor.

    This entire infected fish situation reminds of the era when doctors and surgeons had not clued into the facts about infection and mortality.. and instead relished wiping their scalpel on their pants and having dried blood on their hands. Any damn fool can read some of her articles, study her clear probes and communications regarding testing and specimens.. and see that she is right and yet there are fools lined up to argue, ignore or threaten her.

    Good gawd.. if she ever left the coastal waters of BC and headed inland to Alberta and the downstream waters from the tar sands to examine the fish being caught and eaten in Fort Chipewayn .. it would be a provincial and national scandal/disaster .. Albertan's should send her money to stay away.

    Is this about money ? Or payoffs ? Or is it about plain old stupidity ?
    The bizarre BC political resistance to common sense and good marine science … Why is she not fully funded, lauded & rewarded for her efforts on our behalf ? Its a national disgrace to see how she is treated by political animals and bureaucrats..

    We need many many more exemplars like Alexandra Morton and less of the blowhards, hacks and bumpkins being paid handsomely for their idiocy and larceny.


  2. Excellent comment. it is hard to figure the opposition to Morton as anything other than determination to protect and reward foreign corporations that control open net fish farming in BC. People who want to see wild fish protected want the resource kept productive for generations to come.

    There is a parallel between the opposition faced now by Alexandra Morton and that faced by Rachel Carson, marine biologist and conservationist whose writings in the fifties and sixties advanced the global environmental movement.

    Michael Campbell and Fraser Institute hacks talk always about “sustainability” but only as code for ending public healthcare, education and other services. Many right wing radicals could care less about real sustainability of any natural resource. When BC screws up, they'll live of the sustainable piles of cash they've tucked away in offshore tax havens.


  3. What a wonderful and eloquent compliment to Ms Morton .. alluding to Rachel Carson
    Well deserved.. she really is a Canadian treasure… an exceptional exemplar ..
    We should investigate how to ensure we fund her work.. and recognize her efforts ….
    She seems to have some incredibly worthy and talented associates ….
    that she clearly admires… I've read of fish samples taken at wet and gawd forsaken hours
    seen underwater footage of fish packing plant vents
    and factual footage of sea lice in the waters
    Obviously, many or all the people in her community believe in her ….
    The impediment to Political or Commercial entities finding the same belief ? Is ?


  4. Harper and Campbell permitted the filthy diseased fish farms, they are totally to blame for the wild Salmon dying out. Christy and her crew, very stupidly support this abomination on our wild Salmon. It is really hard to wrap your mine around, these asinine, greedy politicians, who think it's fine to kill the wild Salmon. Too many rely on the Salmon. This is a staple food source for the F.N. Bears, eagles, wolves and hundreds of wildlife creatures depend on the Salmon. 61 bears were shot last year, they are forced to get their food from stupid humans, garbage cans.

    If Christy try's to have Alexandra Morton put in prison, you bet we will donate for her case. We owe Alexandra for all her wonderful work she has done, to save our BC's heritage, of our wild Salmon.


  5. Please, go now to her website and donate to the science research fund. The testing Alexandra conducts is expensive and it is the work the federal government won't do. They think that if they don't allow independent inquiry and questions, they can do whatever the fish farm companies want done.


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