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On the backs of the disadvantaged

Minister orders end to bonuses at Community Living BC, CTV News, October 21, 2011

“Social Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux has ordered an end to bonuses for managers at the Crown agency Community Living BC, which provide services to the disabled.

“…Cadieux says bonuses are not appropriate for an organization that’s supposed to help people with developmental disabilities, and they’re also wrong in a time of tight budgets.

“…NDP critic Nicholas Simons is suspicious about the Liberals’ promise to reign in bonuses, saying they may try to hide them instead.

” ‘They’re probably going to do what they did for the former CEO and just roll his bonuses into his salary, and if that’s the change she’s suggesting I’m not sure people are going to be satisfied,’ he said…”

Embattled Community Living BC pays out big wage hikes to management, Brian Coxworth, Global News, June 19, 2012

Last year, there was a large public outcry when Global BC reported that the CLBC was closing group homes and cutting services to people with developmental disabilities, even as it paid performance bonuses to senior executives.

The social development minister then announced that those bonuses would not be paid after all.

However, those bonuses have not been eliminated. They’ve simply been rolled into the executive’s base pay, eight months later after the dust settled.

Big wage increases have been doled out: almost 10% for top management, and 5% for directors and managers…

Hansard, Page 8311, October 24, 2011:

N. Simons, MLA, Powell River Sunshine Coast:

“Every day it seems like some secret emerges from under the curtain of CLBC. Today it was revealed that Community Living officials who administer home-share contracts may in some cases have their own home-share contracts. These are the same people that administer and oversee these arrangements.
 Does the minister recognize this as a potential conflict of interest, and what does the minister plan to do about it?

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  1. If I were a betting man, which I'm not, I would put 100 down that absolutely nothing will become of this. It will become just another icycle falling into the vast casym that has been created by this government. A hole so deep and wide and high that is virtually unfillable.
    In our sight today it will be lost forever by tommorrow.


  2. It's quite beautiful, really. Now BC Christy dare not rip up the new CLBC contract, after Cadieux said they couldn't just go around doing that (though they've done that in hospitals and education.)

    They also are exposed as mean-spirited thugs, for the way they've dug in their heels on “net zero” with the teachers and the little provincial unions that had already agreed to 0%.

    In my opinion, they targeted teachers all along and the little unions that preceded them were just necessary casualties (who signed “me too” clauses, thinking the teachers would snowplough the way.)

    Norm: do you have a list of those little unions? BC Christy is often spouting how so many unions have agreed to net zero. I get the idea that it perhaps amounts to 500 actual people, but don't have a source to go to.


  3. Don F. say's ” In our sight today it will be lost forever by tommorrow. ” You could be right Don and that's why we must continue to support people like Norm Farrell & other great bloggers. The MSM has for years been simply delivering Liberal media releases to the public, however I do believe that more & more individuals are relying on bloggers for detail & truth.
    In the end, we can only hope the Liberals are sent packing for the injustice they have & continue to deliver to the people of BC. ( each & every one of them )

    Guy in Victoria


  4. “Net Zero”, another “scam” perpetrated, by the “BC Lieberals”. Stupidity in this government, rears its ugly head “yet”, once again. Rippng up contracts is appropriate, for the provinces unionized workers?


    Wait till we start ripping up contracts, made by this government to its “friends”, in the “free enterprise coalition”. By the way, make sure we bill the BC Liberal party for “any” costs incurred to do this. Why should the taxpayer continue to pay, for this governments stupidity?

    As far as the MSM. The have made themselves, irrelevant. Might as well listen to an “intelligent” talk show, or better yet read an “informative” blog like this one. The MSM is a “propaganda machine”, controlled by the corporations that are part of, the “free enterpise coalition”. Real smart people….real smart, (idiots).


  5. Campbell and his Liberals have been a litany of lies, deceit, corruption, theft, broken promises, dirty tactics, dirty politics and he too cheated to win..the BCR wasn't for sale and the HST wasn't on his radar. Christy and her Liberals, didn't lift a finger to stop Campbell's treachery.

    It only stands to reason, Christy would thieve the CLBC bonuses, that's exactly what Campbell would have done. Christy did a very underhanded deed. Thieving our tax dollars, to cheat the people who need those services the most. Those s.o.b. executives of CLBC, should be ashamed of themselves.

    Shame on Christy and the BC Liberals. This is another nail in the coffin, for the death of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.


  6. Remind us of the history of this organization, starting with it's genesis and it's first leader Doug Wall. The cheerleaders in the MSM( you know who you are) through their incompetence have allowed this and other scandals to proceed apace. BC Rail., the pending LDB giveaway,IPPs,Basi/Virk,etc,etc.
    Look in the mirror folks and tell yourselves you like what you see. Read up on I.F. Stone to see what a true journalist is.


  7. CLBC has also hired a 'new' bunch of employees that are young, and in my opinion are hired on a 'out to make their name' basis.

    I work for an organization that has one manager who IS the manager responsible for private contracts in our area and also has one client at home. Yes, this is a blatant misuse of power and is a huge conflict of interest. When we, as the front-line workers tried to point this out, we were shut down very quickly as the employer doesn't want to lose all of those contracts.

    The cutbacks in our sector have been huge, imagine being an adult put into another person's home because the one you just left has caregivers that are getting too old and they have faced some huge cutbacks in the last few years also.

    Beware Christie, you know the writing is on the wall…

    Oh, and by the way all, Rick Mowles the CEO mentioned, used to be with the Employers Association and is known as a huge bully and other unmentionables. Trust me, I have dealt with him.


  8. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!William Corbet resigns from Elections Canada. Seems Harper installed one of his boys, Yves Corte. Harper is indeed very afraid of the robo-call cheat investigation. He was desperately trying to quash the investigation. He finally succeeded….Perhaps by cheating again???


  9. I'd wait a while, before suggesting that he succeeded. Too much information already out, to keep a lid on this. More questions, more coverups just make the “mess” ultimatley worse.
    Keep up the questions and commentary, that way it will not “just go away.”

    We really do need an Anti Corrution Commission in this country. With a mandate, that includes participation of the federal and provincial auditor generals, as well as provincial ombudsmen, the public would be assured of a non partisan body, overseen by a taxpayer or public body that would reign in the current political stupidity, being fostered across the land.

    An ideal model might be the Austrialian Anti-Corruption Commission, one that has powers of “testify or jail”, or even the Hong Kong Independent Commission against Corruption. Although I am not sure, if the Hong Kong organization still exists, after the Chinese takeover. In any case, both are exceptional models, of an independent body, overseeing
    “political” organizations and individuals. The power to arrest and jail, as well as use “proceeds of crime” legislation to recover taxpayer dollars, must be a part of their
    overall mandate.

    This country “desparately” needs this type of “watch dog” oversight, in light of the current “politically deviant” behaviors, exibited by both the federal government and particularly the BC Liberal government.

    The “public” has truly had enough!

    P.N. As of this afternoon, Quebec's corruption Commission, has authorized the arrest of a further 11 people, in the “corruption in the construction industry scandal”. Some of these are political figures.

    If Quebec can do it, why can't we?


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