Clark, Christy

Inevitable outcome of overreaching

Christy Clark shuffled staff in the premier’s office again today. However, when the critical fault is at the top, shuffling of underlings will do no good. Any Liberal who wants to continue a career in provincial politics had better convince colleagues of that conclusion or study the severance and pension package that Kevin Krueger suddenly found attractive.

A few years ago, Wharton School of business named 25 highly influential entrepreneurs and while assembling that list, they identified eight attributes of successful leaders:

  1. Able to build a strong corporate culture;
  2. Truth-tellers;
  3. Willing to cater to the under-served;
  4. Able to spot potential winners or faint trends before rivals;
  5. Adept at building competitive advantages;
  6. Excellent at managing and building their organization’s brand;
  7. Fast learners;
  8. Skilled at managing risk.

Of those qualities, how would you rate Christy Clark? I rate her zero for eight but I’m willing to hear arguments that prove that score wrong. Christy Clark’s only real skill seems to be spending like a drunken lottery winner, doling out contracts to friends and hired guns who she hopes might improve her personal brand. It’s a loathsome performance that proves the collective shallowness of Liberal MLAs in British Columbia.

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  1. You mean Christy doesn't score on number 4? But, she had Harry Bloy in her cabinet when no one else thought him worthy. She also thinks Kevin Krueger is a man of “granite-like integrity” and a fine servant of this province.


  2. Liberals themselves might be a broken brand but you can't say they aren't working on strong corporate cultures. The more than $40B owed to private power corporations by BC Hydro should make their cultures strong. Does Christy get a partial score for that?

    Truthteller? Better not go there. Tsakumis seems to have the evidence on that.

    Catering to the under served? Like through CLBC?

    Spotting potential winners? Well, the Libs claim that many star candidates will be running in 2013. They just can't name any so we'll suspend judgement on this one.

    Building competitive advantages? The polls suggest otherwise but Christy says dogs know what to do with poles.

    Adept at managing the brand? Same joke about dogs and poles apply.

    Fast learner? Partial score here because she's certainly learned quickly how to hold photo ops and cultivate the gang from the press gallery.

    Skilled at managing risk. Full score here because she's managed her role in the BC Rail scandal quite nicely.

    so I'm scoring Christy 1.5 out of 8.


  3. I really have to agree in Anon.11:45's comments and Richard's assessment above.

    However my scoring of Christy would be much lower. I would (being too generous) stlli only be able based on all Christy's history be able to award Christy a MINUS 7. My “Net Performance” score is based on the scale of earning a +1 for ably demonstrating the leadership skill, zero for not possessing the skill and a -1 for presenting the opposite of the key leadership skill.

    A decommissioned Zambonie on a “Net ” score would come in at neutral ZERO. Christie's -7 I think better explains the corrupt non leadership and chaos we have been suffering under.


  4. The BC Liberal party made a huge mistake but will never admit it. Gordon Campbell took the party support to new lows and the party needed to rebuild and I'm sure some smart executive suggested bringing in Christy and that her charm would win us over. The problem is her stupidity has overshadowed any charm they thought she had. Christy Clark is totally out of her league and in the meantime taxpayers are forced to pay for her makeover. How much has been spent in her office ? Without a doubt it amounts to millions. Hell, the first thing she did was clean house & and that cost plenty in severance and she hasn't stopped since. People need to realize that they are paying for all this ego & it's money that could be spent…. well how about seniors ?
    The arrogance of the BC Liberal party has been demonstrated over & over… yet people sit back. If this was France… taxpayers would be marching in the streets.
    And finally speaking of arrogance….one of the biggest losers in the party has announced he is retiring. Mouthpiece Kevin Krueger will not run again….. but get this…he's already said that he will be returning to his job as a manager for ICBC in Kamloops ( Kamloops Daily ).
    How the hell does the government keep a job open for 16 years ? Has ICBC been advertising for a new manager in Kamloops ? Does Christy feel she has so much power that she can just wave a magic wand and her pitbull Kevin will be rewarded with a “Gold Plated” pension plus a wage ? (the same “Gold Plated” pension the lying Liberals campaigned against ).
    This is complete arrogance that someone can keep a job open for 16 years. It's BS to the highest and it comes from the most corrupt political party in BC history….. the BC Liberals.

    Guy in Victoria


  5. Double dipping Krueger will be collecting a pension for life of about $100K a year so maybe he needs that ICBC job (one that will eventually provide another pension).


  6. We really have to get these clowns out of office, before they do anymore damage. Truly, a gong show of epic proportions, this mess underlies the fact that our provincial political system, is really broken.

    A way must be found that prevents “any” party from ever creating this type of kleptocratic governance, again!


  7. Just as Christy praised Campbell to the hilt, Kreuger praised Christy to the hilt.

    Christy and her BC Liberals, were all right there when Campbell thieved and sold our BCR. They were right there when Campbell and Harper forced the HST on the BC citizens. They were there when Campbell thieved and sold our rivers. They were there when, Campbell shipped our mills to Communist China along with our raw logs. Christy too, works for Harper as Campbell does. Christy can shuffle all she likes, nothing will change the minds of the BC people.


  8. Mr Farrell – this one of the best posts I have seen on the disaster that is Christy Clark. And a fine argument for dispatching her from our mist ASAP


  9. Guy in Victoria – you must have made a typo with:

    “The BC Liberal party made a huge mistake but will never admit it”

    Making a mistake IS NOT another way of saying “committed” too many crimes to even enumerate.
    That's like saying the Bacon brothers are nice guys, but they tend to make a lot of mistakes. Actually they've been very successful, so far, in accomplishing exactly what they wanted to do, otherwise they would not only not be in government, or living the high life in London, but in prison!

    And I have a question for Bill – Where in the hell did you think Christy earned a zero? I do like your scoring system, BTW!


  10. While no answer is required–how many ways can a respondent write ZERO?!?–I'm shocked that you would make things this plain for CC and her army of PR people (government and mainstream media). While telling them to do the opposite of everything they've done for 12 years is overwhelming, these 8 points are doable. They could just 'fake it' for a year and the public might just fall for it AGAIN. While people grew increasingly disenchanted with Campbell, I was never surprised. The agenda (both stated and very obviously unstated) was so clear. People believe what they WANT to believe or where self-interest dictates they 'must.' The heroes of WWII who actively resisted the status quo at great risk to themselves and their family are far more heroic than we will ever realize in this generation. But for the grace of ….


  11. Check out the Province editor's response to the Enbridge animation. Postmedia in Toronto gives these Vancouver based editors their marching orders. Principles of journalism matter little whehe BC government and its agencies are major advertisers so the press and electronic media dare not be aggressive. Add to that the influence of major business organizations who imply threats of advertising boycotts if the heat is turned up on their political friends.

    Those factors are not at play if voters choose a government that is not in the pockets of big business. All one has to do is peruse the library archives to examine how the press treated NDP governments before 2001. The approach was completely different than now where media members regularly serve as apologists for the unholy alliance between big business and government.


  12. I saw a comment the other day that suggested the only way to control government advertising is to have a law that requires all government ads to end with ” This message was paid for by the taxpayers of BC “

    Guy in Victoria


  13. Sometimes the easy solutions are the best. I've been researching the history of government communications in BC and its another subject where Gordon Campbell's promises of 2001 were quickly disposed of. If you can believe it, Liberals of 11 years ago complained the NDP had politicized government communications.


  14. Scoring zero on most if not all, of the above attributes …hmmmm. Perhaps prison orange jumpsuits, might change her perspective a tad. Kinda makes you wonder, if a few of the senior cabinet ministers might come around to a “new” way of thinking after wearing prison orange with her, for a few years. Just never know…an epiphany is kind of strange that way…


  15. Ive wanted to comment on Ms(unelected) Clark's missed opportunity in dealing with the clbc fiasco.. for anyone in her over paid staff.. this would have been and amazing photo op for her and the other camera hogs of the govt. of the day to pose with some families and clients of clbc singing to the clicking cameras as homes close and benefits get slashed for their clients ..I too am developmentaly disabled..
    I feel your pain..
    again Norm thanks for posting so we can all stay informed
    what will be left in public hands when all is said and done we will never know until they are gone I want my bc back


  16. Minus 8 by my calculations, unless somebody can point out where she rated even a zero instead of minus one/ Unless the “new math” is really different from the Jurassic when I rode my dinosaur to school
    8 X -1 = -8


  17. In the Vancouver Sun this morning there's this:

    As it has for many journalists, my job has drastically changed in the past five years.

    I used to only write articles and columns, to which editors added head-lines and then placed on a particular page in the print newspaper, which was delivered to people's homes.

    I followed a professional code of ethics stressing accuracy, fairness, balance and avoiding conflicts of interest, such as not joining political parties or writing about companies in which we might own shares.

    Its the last line, the code of ethics adhering professional journalists are NOT writing negatively on companies that they might own shares in ……. like ENBRIDGE, eh. And they call it AVOIDING conflicts of interest. We need more journalist like Dan Murphy who obviously doesn't have shares in Enbridge… or maybe what the public needs is to have the professional journalists have their investments looked after by a third party….. therefore blind to the where the their investments are then write about everything, fairly.


  18. That codes would be amazingly self-serving if that's all it contained. You can be bribed but don't own shares in the company bribing you?

    I've made this point repeatedly about the Edge of the Ledge trio taking payments from business, then reporting on issues that matter to businesses. It is conflict by any ordinary definition.


  19. As Campbell's team reassembles itself in anticipation of next year's election, can Campbell himself be too far behind? Mike McDonald, Mile Morton… Just need Daphne and Gordo back to work the 8 point plan. Even they'd have a better chance than Christy at declaring themselves the brand-new Families First BC Liberal party! With help from Baldrey, Palmer and Smart, British Columbians would fall for it!


  20. I think you are being much too hard on Christy .
    She is nothing more than a puppet left to fill the void by the infamous Gordon Campbell until a suitable 'winner' can be found.
    No doubt Miz Clarke will find herself well rewarded for her time as premier when she is ousted from the position next year.
    WE real,realy should concentrate upon who is the puppeteer..


  21. If that's the case someone forgot to tell Christy about the plan. She may be rewarded but she won't be showing her face out in public much.Poor Hamish could be the butt of jokes by his schoolmates.


  22. I really enjoyed the column! Its funny & truthful.

    If anyone thought CC was going to be a good leader they were deluded, in my opinion. She never was good leadership material. Any of the other candidates who ran would have done a better job. I am not a liberal supporter by any stretch.

    the lieberals were on their way out when they pulled the HST stunt & now they are going to pay for it. Nothing is going to resurect them. It doesn't matter who they run in the constituencies.

    Reviewing the list of attributes a good leader should have, well I just don't know how many politicians have those qualities these days. The problem is, the first order of government is to stay in power. If that doesn't mesH with whatever is going on, then things are bound to become troublesome.

    CC & the lieberals made a couple of real mistakes from the get go. They fired all those HEU workers & privitized the cleaning of hospitals. Might have made gordo feel good but it has come back to bite them in the a@S. Now the leiberals are simply a government who can't even keep a hospital clean. The decision to “privitize” the B.C. Ferries & hire Hahn, well that resulted in the huge debt & fares so high people don't use the ferries.

    Their management of B.C. Hydro, another huge mistake. The lieberals have proven they can't keep a hospital clean & can't manage a company, much less a province. Then they were too stupid to keep their friends' hands out of the cookie jar & gave them all huge raises. People who aren't getting those raises aren't going to be happy & then the best one the lieberals did was treat their clients at C.L. like Sh*t.

    That is a major problem because all the parents you see, people know it could be them. it scares them. In the end I suspect it will be the C.L. fiasco which results in many people voting NDP. Everybody knows they themselves could become a victim of C.Living & everyone knows one of their loved ones could become a victim of community living.


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