Nobody hides evidence of innocence

BC Liberals spent millions to halt the Basi/Virk trial. They are spending more on court actions fighting the Auditor General’s access to documents. They’ve rejected calls for public inquiry and they offer no orderly defence to the many accusation of wrongdoing in the sale of BC Rail.

Alex Tsakumis challenges BC Liberal MLAs:

How much longer are you going to spit in the face of taxpayers? How much longer are you going to wait? How much more time are you going to allow the embarrassment to remain the most unqualified Premier in BC history? Do you not see that any of her defenders are unworthy of working for the people–who you all continue to disrespect with your silence and complicity???

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  1. No one hides evidence of innocence – that point seems to apply to all governments at all levels in Canada today. Our governments are at war against its own people.


  2. I agree no one hides evidence of innocence!
    Does anyone notice a trend these days that something is only news for a day and gone? Some larger issues like robocall maybe a week or two but eventually fade. I think the reason is that there is so much corruption that you barely have time to properly analyse any given thing two more issues come up and they must be understood but then tommorrow there is more.
    It will only take one issue to bring these people down and they know that so their tactic is diversion, don't give them time.
    I think Alex has them close enough and B.C. Rail is the issue that can dessimate this Government.
    If we could find a way to keep this front and foremost in the blogsphere and not let go this will happen. I am asking all bloggers who visit here and you Norm to consider this. Stay close to this issue and pursue it to it's end for I beleive this is the issue of all issues that will end the BC Liberal madness.


  3. This issue above all others, must be discussed openly in public, at forums, at political rally's and other events where BC liberal mla's can be cornered, and answers demanded.

    The “people's house” cannot be made a “refuge for criminality” of any kind, by any serving government. This is an affront to the people of BC and to our democracy.

    If criminal intent is proven, and all allegations proven in court, then jail “all” of the perpatrators, as an example of what a sitting government must “NOT” be involved in.

    These are the seed's of destruction for our democracy. Everyone in this province, should demand a full judicial enquiry, to get to the truth of this, once and for all!


  4. But the BCR fraud is being repeated today. BC Liberal Rich Coleman has claimed he knows none of the people involved in the sale of the Liquor Distribution Branch, a statement that is not truthful. Bob Mackin provides details on the backroom dealings, including appointment of a “fairness monitor” who is not empowered to ensure fairness.

    Bob Mackin: 2010 Gold Rush



  5. Exactly my point Norm! As I said there will always be another issue but as long as we try to focus on them all we're sunk. Which do you think will bring most resonance with the people of this province?


  6. Corruption, thy name is the BC Liberal Party.

    My late and wealthy aunt, who hob-nobbed with Canada's elite, told me when Gordon Campbell mounted a palace coup and took over the BC Liberal party; “This man will eventually destroy BC, with his less than honest practices.” In fact she was a lot stronger in describing “less than honest practices”.

    Gordon Campbell firmly believed that he had the divine right to rule and that everything he did was honest and above board, simply because he felt he could do no wrong. The BC Liberal tenure in office was one of divine rule and with all tyrants, corruption seeps in like sewerage.

    Gordo's legacy, will not be the HST fiasco, but BC Rail and like a train out of control, it doesn't matter how Premier photo-op or her minions try to apply the breaks, the BC Rail scandal train keeps a comin down the track.

    The question is now: “How will Dix handle it?”

    Well he bloody well better, because it he waffles, just for an inkling, the public will tar and feather the NDP with the BC Rail stink as well.

    A judicial inquiry is demanded and stiff penalties for all guilty parties, if any, is expected.


  7. This country reeks of corruption in every nook and cranny.

    Harper too, is trying to quash the robo-call cheat election fraud investigation. Harper is also trying to prevent, the disputed ridings investigations too. What does that tell us?

    Campbell works for Harper, as do the Christy Clark BC Liberals. Boessenkool, another of Harper's henchmen, was placed in with the BC Liberals.

    The HST wasn't on Campbell's radar, and the BCR wasn't for sale either. We will not forget Harper's part in the BC HST either.

    The theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, is the sleaziest crime, in Canadian history. The trial, pathetic and corrupt. However, in this country, evil corrupt politicians are rewarded for their lies, deceit, theft and corruption. Just ask Gordon Campbell.


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