Being fracked

Clark’s fracking registry: a fractionary issue, Vanessa Annand, The Martlet, Sep 22, 2011, Volume 64 Issue 7

“…Fracking, a process that allows companies to pump out hard-to-reach deposits of oil and gas by fracturing the rocks around them, has been banned in several areas of the world, including France, Quebec, New South Wales and South Africa’s Karoo region.

“…The Wilderness Committee has been vocal in raising those ‘questions and concerns’ about fracking in B.C.

“‘It’s hard to do [fracking] without impacting fresh water and impacting peoples’ health,’ says Tria Donaldson, Pacific Coast campaigner with the Wilderness Committee.

“Donaldson points to the immense amount of freshwater used in fracking as the main reason for her concern.

“‘The end result is thousands of cubic metres of radioactive water,’ she says, adding that, given the global uncertainty surrounding potable water, funnelling freshwater resources into fracking is ‘a little outrageous.’

“Some of the chemicals, she explains used as friction reducers and scrubs are “known carcinogens” that could leach into groundwater and damage people’s health. John Horgan, the NDP energy critic and MLA for Juan De Fuca, echoes Donaldson’s concerns.

“‘Disclosure does not address other legitimate issues of concern, in particular the volume of water used for fracking and the disposal of the toxic waste water produced,’ wrote Horgan via email.

“One of the most contentious sources of freshwater for fracking is the Williston Lake Reservoir, which Horgan says should not be compromised. Calgary-based Talisman Energy was recently given a 20-year licence to pump out 10 000 cubic metres of water a day from the reservoir — without any public consultation, Donaldson points out…”

New Study: Fluids From Marcellus Shale Likely Seeping Into PA Drinking Water, Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica, July 9, 2012

“New research has concluded that salty, mineral-rich fluids deep beneath Pennsylvania’s natural gas fields are likely seeping upward thousands of feet into drinking water supplies.

“Though the fluids were natural and not the byproduct of drilling or hydraulic fracturing, the finding further stokes the red-hot controversy over fracking in the Marcellus Shale, suggesting that drilling waste and chemicals could migrate in ways previously thought to be impossible.

“The study, conducted by scientists at Duke University and California State Polytechnic University at Pomona and released today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, tested drinking water wells and aquifers across Northeastern Pennsylvania. Researchers found that, in some cases, the water had mixed with brine that closely matched brine thought to be from the Marcellus Shale or areas close to it.

“No drilling chemicals were detected in the water, and there was no correlation between where the natural brine was detected and where drilling takes place.

“Still, the brine’s presence – and the finding that it moved over thousands of vertical feet — contradicts the oft-repeated notion that deeply buried rock layers will always seal in material injected underground through drilling, mining, or underground disposal…”

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  1. This topic over all topics I find so blatantly absurd that it doesn't allow me to comment other than it is absolute proof of man's disposition to wipe his species off the planet!


  2. Fracking is only good for oil companies & their profits. It should be outlawed. What good will the gas/oil do us if we are all dead. I guess some of them will go to the new colony old Newt promised them while running for the republican nomination.


  3. Of the 130 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves in northeastern BC, 52 trillion (37 years worth of production at current levels) is conventional natural gas..not fracked. What percentage of exports are fracked vs conventional? Regardless, 37 years is not a very long time. My neices will have to burn wood to keep warm.

    No….can't do that….all the logs will be in China by then.


  4. How safe is Fracking …they, the corporations and government, won't give you the truth. They are too “addicted” to oil and gas dollars. Look what has happened to the North American aquifier on the great plains. The land has actually sunk, over 18 inches due to the vast volumes of water removed, for industry and agriculture.
    Studies are being done on pesticide contamination in the major river sytems in Canada and the US. No you will not get the truth at all. Indeed the “muzzling” of government scientists is futher proof that “the public should just shut up and pay taxes…we know what's good for you.”

    The “crap” from governments at all levels…pushed on us by big oil, and big corporations, continues. Insuring the boondoggles that will occur? Don't bet on it, you the taxpayer are going to get that bill as well.

    Something must be done to halt this nonsense and in a hurry, otherwise your grand kids will have nothing…


  5. Dear BC people.

    Don't knock the fracking. We can get free heat for our homes. We can light the water on fire, coming out of our faucets.

    Hopefully wildlife, birds, farm animals and people, can evolve quickly enough to drink, the contaminated underground gas water. As we know, fracking pollutes the clean underground water for miles.

    The greed of politicians, is absolutely disgusting and very stupid. Don't rely on Harper, to stop the fracking. He too, has outrageous pollution plans of his own.


  6. As Laila says, Horgan and the NDP supports fracking. WTF???

    Time to support BC's Green Party to keep BC green, clean, and honest.


  7. That is not the entire context. NDP say they will end the current state of no regulation and industry self-regulation. There are numerous factors at play and a blanket ban of fracking is unnecessary. It is a production technique that might be tolerable in certain conditions, provided independent science is in order.


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