Someone else’s stuff is shit and your shit is stuff

Regular readers will know that I’m involved in a home renovation project, one that is just beginning. Presently, the 20 foot shipping container in the driveway is being filled with our stuff.

George Carlin knew about stuff. He said:

If you didn’t have so much god damned stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. That’s all your house is is a pile of stuff with a cover on it. … Your house is a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.

Sometimes… you gotta get a bigger house. Why? Too much stuff. You gotta move all your stuff and, maybe, put some of your stuff in storage.

Yeah, I know.

Carlin asks if you’ve ever noticed that someone else’s stuff is shit and your shit is stuff. After 43 years married, Gwen and I each have our own piles of one or the other, depending on who is doing the identification.

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  1. Just had a niece ask about sound proofing a house, a new house, and then I thought about your little project Norman……search for these keywords silent Rock gyproc

    Basically its rooms that you want to contain noise, correction, sound…. like a MEDIA room so you can watch Towering Inferno……without interruptions, or, those who are sleeping can sleep without watchers of Towering Inferno are disturbing ones sleep.

    Or, how about the baby/kids room, that too could be a recipient for “Quiet Rock”. We all have those electronic squawk boxes if the children wake….unexpectedly.

    One catch though….ask your Media Room installer to hook up a wire from your Smoke Alarm to your sound equipment…to turn off…..the movie.


  2. I moved to the middle east some years ago. As an expat status I sold a home, downsized that 4-bedroom home and arrived in the ME with 2 suitcases. That was my only 'stuff'. When I repatriated back to Canada from the ME after close to 10 years, I did so with only my 2 original suitcases. I can still get by with my 2 original suitcases. But I still need a home and appliances so I can cook 'stuff'.


  3. wow'
    This is a topic that could open a minefield. I moved from the Lower Mainland six Years ago to the far North West coast, and my employer moved my “stuff” to my newly bought house. In those six years, theres still boxes unpacked.Since then I've brought much more stuff into my house' Some of it quite usefull'

    You've inspired



  4. You might enjoy attending WV-Cap NDP's celebration of the 40th anniversary of Barrett NDP govt's election – Monday Aug 6 (BC Day) 1 p.m. at Barrett's View Lookout on road to Cypress Bowl Provincial Park – speeches by Bob Williams, Harold Steves and others…. JTwigg


  5. I'd like to know how the sole came out. I mostly, out of habit, do the filets in a sauté pan in butter, sprinkling the downside with a little salt, pepper and paprika, putting them in the pan, then doing the same seasoning on the top side. After turning, I like to sprinkle in some chopped chives and/or parsley, a little bit of fruity, but dry white wine, then sprinkle some finely grated parmesan cheese over the filets and cover for less than a minute. Great with crusty bread and artichokes (another story entirely). Incidentally, I love this GC material: it has become part of my intellectual “stuff”.)


  6. “In those six years, theres still boxes unpacked”…

    Got you beat.
    36 years.
    Can't even remember what's in those 2 boxes in the basement.


  7. I once knew a guy who was obsessive compulsive about his stuff. He had a vast collection, carefully organized, stored in his garage, in small boxes. He never used any of the stuff, just collected it. But, he took great pride in the system of organization. If someone ever asked for a left-handed sky-hook or a bucket to carry steam, he knew exactly where it should be. No one ever asked of course but he was ready, if they did.

    I suspect when he passed on, the whole collection went straight to the dump.

    It is amazing that some folks accumulate large quantities of stuff throughout their life while the others can put a life's possessions in a few boxes.

    I've got rather little old stuff except for books that I bought during the past 50 years. However, almost none of them have any real value. Anyone want an Economics 200 text book written in 1965? I've got it and more like it.


  8. stuff, yes, I have seen George Carlin's monologe several times. I think he might have been the orginal downsizer. We all have so much stuff. I am so guilty of it. I have decided to go through it all & finally make decisions. Stuff can be just stuffing. If we got rid of our stuff, we could actually save money. Saving stuff seems to be a big thing these days. We have double garages full, we rent storage lockers, it never ends. I don't know why we are hanging on to all of it becuase a lot of it we have in storage & haven't seen in yrs. It must be something about us baby boomers that makes us do this.


  9. Despite my 2 boxes in the basement — for 36 years — I like a simple life, no clutter, no nick-nacks, no dust collectors.

    Three pieces of furniture in a room is plenty and nothing but the phone on the table.

    My kitchen counter hasn't got a thing on it.
    No spiceracks, no coffee maker, no paper towel holder.

    It's downright liberating!

    We've both got clothes jammed in there that we haven't worn in 15 years.


  10. My gradual elimination of stuff has been purposely slow…there is enough mass to alter the Earth's rotation and I don't want to contribute to the possibility of further climate change.


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