The next photo surprised me for its location. It wouldn’t be out of place in an elementary school washroom but this was photographed at a washroom in the Buchanan Building at the University of British Columbia. Apparently today’s youth are not life-ready when they arrive at university and still need a few basic instructions.

I presume there are more instructions for students in the stalls.

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  1. I once volunteered for a small community group, which staged an annual event in a local park. Part of the event was a diverse range of vendors hawking their wares or services (we got $200 a spot for the two days which went to help fund the event) and Madame Zonga or who ever she was – Palmist, Tarot Cards and Psychic wanted a spot and asked about the crowds expected, which I answered rather tersely (after a 2 hour meeting fraught with disasters and other dragons in the swamp) “Your the psychic, can't you tell?”


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