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  1. Very good link Norm.

    I made a plan to attend the meetings and voice opposition, only to find Garry Alexander (the BC Environmental Assessment Office project lead hand) has eliminated the public question and answer period!

    I am angry with the complete disrespect shown to residents of BC by the current (pun intended) provincial government. This project (like most recent government policies) has been fraught with deception. Tyson Lake was 49Mw to sneak in under the 50Mw threshold for public review. Then the mountain fell to the sea….quite literally. There is nothing “run of river” about it. How will residents of the rest of BC get a chance to attend the 6 hours total “discussion” period held in small venues of somewhat hard-to-get-to communities?

    This makes submitting a comment all the more important. I see you cannot do it by email (heaven forbid they encourage public participation); it has to be regular mail, fax or the exact on-line comment form that you have linked to. Thanks again for that link.

    The approval process got easier now that Harper has removed protection of fish habitat as a duty of the DFO. You just wrote about Joe Oliver. The Ministers and government bureaucrats that facilitated start-up of these projects have long since resigned….without regard to the permanence of their decisions or the misconceptions they openly promoted. Kathy Eichenberger was the original EAO “lead hand” that approved the preliminary application for these guys. She has moved on too. Moving targets for sure.


    Oh yeah, BC Hydro has already issued an Energy Purchase Agreement! Smacks of a big rubber stamp coming down on us.

    I wonder how trying to stop public comment at a public meeting will work out for Mr. Alexander.


  2. Only one way to stop these now…Orders in council,.. many government's have resorted to these in the past, either for their own use or to overturn previous government decisions. Forget the fact that the potential lawsuits from having the political rug pulled out from under them, may be an issue, that will simply be the cost of doing business, in this province.

    I can see, that many of these so called “deals” when they are seen, in “the light of day”, will probably challenged in the courts, as the cost to the taxpayer far outweights any “real” cost saving benefit. Time the scammers and manipulators, got dealt with. Governments of all stripes, are famous for ripping up contracts, in this province. Maybe for once, the trashing of these types of deals, will be more for the public's benefit.

    As to the complete disrespect for the electorate, albeit the taxpayer in this province, this is an issue where the party should be dealt with, as an entity unto itself. The taxpayer has to have a way, to go after the party and its officials, in cases of perceived malfeasance, or corruption. Manipulation of public policy, by individuals or political parties, that affects Crown Corporations either Federal or Provincial, has to be dealt with.

    Quebec's Anti-orruption Commission has revealed startling revelations, into funding and donations to parties, by organized crime. An organization of this type in the province of BC, must be made an NDP prioity, the watchdog at the gate as it were. Without this type of oversight, the corrupt governance we have had for the past 11 years, is likely to become the norm. This nonsense must end.


  3. Seeing that Christy Clark betrayed the BC people, as Campbell did before her. She made a trip to Alberta and sold BC out on the Enbridge pipeline. Bill Tieleman has an excellent article on this, at his web site. Christy works for Harper as Campbell did. Don't forget, Christy had Harper's other, some what tainted man Boessenkool working for her.

    Canada is so putrid with corruption, because of Harper. BC is a disgusting deep abyss of corruption. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are also traitors, as Harper is. Selling us out to Red China, is about as low as they can get. BC needs to get, the hell out of Harper's Canada. This country isn't Canada anymore anyway. We are in a dictatorship, governed by a tyrant.


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