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  1. I read DeSmogBlog, SkepticalScience, Grist and others and firmly believe in AGW but this video is so over the top its almost insulting. Just a couple of details (of many):
    – at ~ 1:21 “its black monstrous scar can be easily identified from space”. The image provided for all of about one second doesn't even show the tar sands area. How can one believe what the voice over is saying if the video won't even show what is being said.

    – at 3:46 the black clouds of smoke seem to be coming from burning Iraq oil wells. Just what does that have to do with moving Exxon's equipment through Idaho? If the issue is a plan by Exxon to widen US12 through Idaho why not just say so?

    “We're routinely lied to, deceived, screwed and cheated in every aspect of our lives and yet most of us just don't get it.” No question about it.

    “Bullsh*t government?” Yep, we have that here too in spades.

    I agree with most every idea this video tries to articulate but if it is meant to change the viewer's mind about anything it gets a fail from me. I would like to have been educated not assaulted by it.


  2. The dirty tar pits, have the dirtiest oil on the planet. That dirty tar is going to, one of the most polluted country's on the planet. Chinese people wear, face masks and respirators. The smog in China so thick, they can't even see on coming traffic.

    Obama lied his face off. He said. He would not decide about the Key Stone pipeline, until after the American election. What a crock!!! They were manufacturing the pipes, even before Obama spoke.

    Obama and Harper are peas in a pod for brain dead stupid. The horrific spills both the U.S. and Canada have had, taught that pair of fools nothing. There is still stinking oil gathering on the rocks, from the Valdez spill over 22 years ago.

    How many more, off shore rig explosions, tanker spills and pipeline bursts will it take, for common sense to trump greed?


  3. While I agree with the premise of the video, I'm with Laurie that it's so over the top, it's insulting. Just for once I'd like to see one of these videos that is even keel and not trying to scare the living shit out of you…just tell the truth and back it up!


  4. Yes, it is over the top and loses part of the intended effectiveness. Aren't those the burning oil fields of Kuwait from a couple of decades ago? The video creator tried to target Exxon, crooked American politicians, tar sands oil processing and almost everything that moves. Regardless of its many faults, the video is designed to shock and still does that. It is no less accurate than the industry's TV commercials that pretend massive disruption of the ecosystem is little more than a little gardening, putting the land in order to support wildflowers, birds and bees.

    On the ground in Alberta, the reality is truly ugly, both in appearance and its contribution to ecosystem destruction.


  5. This video is meant to anger you and angry you should be.Think about it, we pay absorbedant taxes to subsidize these people, we pay taxes for policing which is used against us should we speak, we buy the products they offer and are taxed to the max on those.When profits fall, even due to their own incompetence, well we are charge more and taxed more to insure they suffer no losses.
    Their is a way in this day with the use of the internet and tools available that would require no physical risk or percieved cival disobediance. An all out commitment enmass to cut off the money flow. We hold that power. Money=power!
    This is not radical thinking just playing the game at their level.Our lifestyle may take a temporary hit but one needed and well worthwhile because if the status quo continues those lifestyles will be gone from us forever.


  6. The real point is these modules are built by sweat shop labour and moved to site in monster loads, which eliminates any local trades, trucking or hoisting jobs. Just like what is bring done in Northeast BC. All the panic to create high load corridors just ship jobs to sweat shops. Grat economic development strategy.


  7. Yes, and the shot of the dead spawning salmon (that's what they do) was also suspect… though the tentative bite out of the one fish suggests that they may have been spawning, but picked up some pollution that left them inedible.


  8. You may nit-pic all you like – looking for a way to protect yourself from the awful truth. The awful truth is we are destroying the planet – we think we are it. The only ones who count. Well that is true, in a macabre (gruesome, deadly) way. How are you going to live without fresh air, crystal water, teeming oceans, cleansing forests? How are you going to enjoy a life dictated by exxon, monsanto, enforced by police? What about the American constitution? Just more lies? As a Canadian I see that there is little or no diffence between us. We are culpable. As a wise man said, “You are on a train rushing toward a stone wall and you are arguing which side of the train has the best view”.


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