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  1. None of this is surprising at all, but it is infuriating. There's one on this list that really sticks in my craw, though. Campbell and Clark right-hand man Martyn Brown, who just pocketed a $2,936 per month raise, had this to say in today's Province:
    Just one more rat leaving the sinking SS Fiberal and looking for a soft landing. This guy deserves the 2012 Hypocrite of the Year award even more than Crispy considering he was one of the main enablers of the BC Rail fiasco, just to name one. 'Scuse me, I gotta find the Gravol.


  2. Martyn Brown probably needs the extra money to pay the world-class medical experts who found a cure for his amnesia. After all, he progressed from the worst case of amnesia in recorded medical history during the BC Rail trial to total recall of all political acts by others as soon as the trial ended.


  3. This is nothing Norm. All the LIEberal insiders in senior positions at ICBC, Hydro etc have padded their contracts to ensure MAX bonuses for their last year slurping from the trough.


  4. Some of the lucky few don't even work for the province any more. Since high salaries are needed “to retain the best and the brightest” we should pay even higher wages to senior civil servants.

    Washington State only pays their best and brightest about a third of the amount paid in BC, so I suppose ours are bester and brighter than theirs.


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