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No spectacle of division, not a whit

Vaughn Palmer is pleased with the BC Liberals. His weekend column in the Sun offered this:

…the Whistler convention struck me as a relatively happy affair. The public sessions — on the convention floor, in workshops, and receptions — were models of respectful discussion and, in several instances, energized. The mood carried over to the corridors and the after-hours receptions I attended as well…


Palmer compares supporters of today’s government to another party that seemed headed for oblivion:

…when the New Democrats wound down their term of office at the end of the 1990s, the party’s annual gatherings became spectacles of division, full of backroom disputes that spilled onto the convention floor…

Palmer is too keen to share the upbeat Liberal message so his analysis misses the real story. He should have been writing that the event was stage managed by the party’s central committee and the clique of loyalists made sure there was no spectacle of division. Not a whit.

This was a rubber stamp conference, designed not to listen to policy concerns of the grass roots but to make sure those members know their role as silenced sycophants. This party had not one person stand up and ask for change. No one said stop the looting of BC Hydro. No one suggested that senior bureaucrats should take their greedy fingers out of taxpayer pockets or that petroleum producers deserved no production incentives and subsidies from the carbon tax paying public. No party members asked why the Basi/Virk trial was halted nor why the Liberal Party has been blocking the Auditor General’s review of bribes paid to halt due process.

Frankly, I’d have been pleased if a few Liberals used the convention to ask why Corky Evan’s words from a dozen years ago are still true. He said the BC Liberals were a “wholly-owned subsidiary of the B.C. Business Council.”

When Corky Evans retired from politics, one news person wrote, “The legislature will be significantly poorer for the absence of Corky Evans.”

Read the 2010 In-Sights article “Some cultures would call us elders, think we’re cool and listen to us”

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  1. So much “sunshine being blown around”, at that convention, sickening. No attempt to explain any of the scandalous behavior, no attempt at accountability, nothing more than hot air!


  2. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper. Campbell began the sell out of our resources to Communist China. Campbell and Harper scammed and cheated, to force the HST onto the BC citizens.

    Christy was in on the Enbridge pipeline, right from day one. Boessenkool works for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge, Christy hired him. Christy too, solidified her deal with China. Terry Lake said. T.F.B. we are keeping our doors wide open for Communist China. Whether we like it or not.

    Christy just forgot to mention…all her job creation in BC, is for the Chinese and not for the people of BC.

    Nothing has changed in BC, since way back in Campbell's time. Campbell lied, deceived and cheated to win his elections too.


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