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Only when their lips move

Days ago, I posted the article If BC Liberals lied before, can we believe them now?

The main point was that our provincial government feels no obligation to speak honestly to the electorate. Almost everything said is shaped and reshaped for political effect. If the facts are inconvenient, they are reworked until more convenient. Unfortunately, indifferent reporters echo government claims without examining credibility.

For example, in the second quarter financial report, according to the Canadian Press:

De Jong blamed the continuing dropping government revenues on falling coal prices and collecting less property taxes.

Does the Finance Minister’s statement hold up to scrutiny? Let’s see.

The ministry’s second quarter report shows that coal revenues and property taxes, which amount to 1/6 of the total revenue shortfall, are down $46 million from the budget forecast. That is only 16% of the variance and about 2% of total budgeted revenue.

More significantly, expected natural gas revenues are down three times as much, by $142 million. However, it is expedient to not draw attention to sagging gas revenues while Christy Clark is boasting about liquefied natural gas projects worth a claimed $1 trillion.

Of course, zero LNG projects are more likely than the five talked about by Clark, which is good news considering the vast quantities of low cost electricity taxpayers are expected to facilitate liquefaction. Producers are also expecting a break on the usual royalties. Together, those factors mean that most economic benefits of the considered LNG plants will flow to multi-national energy companies, not the citizens of B.C.

Ian Reid wrote an excellent piece about Liberal sleight of hand in budget preparation:

At budget time the actual deficit – prior to the forecast allowance – was expected to be $768 million. Now, it’s projected to be $1,369, million which means the actual projected deficit has grown by $601 million since Christy Clark’s first real budget.

That’s over a $100 million more than the BC Liberals told the media yesterday. “Now, given their usual strategy, the whole budget is probably a pile of malarkey with an overstated deficit that will miraculously shrink just prior to the election to show us what great stewards the BC Libs are.

David Schreck also supplies a point of view that questions Finance Minister de Jong’s candor.

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  1. If revenue is down in the resource sector because of declining sales then why is are the lieberals so keen on building infrastructure for something which isn't selling?

    If revenue is down in the selling of natural gas & other natural resources why don't the lieberals increase the royalities a bit so the province can maintain the amount of money coming in?

    With all the chat from the lieberals about declining revenues I do expect them to start cutting social services, health care, education again. Of course there will be money for more “fun stuff” the leiberals feel are so essential.

    We have a declining revenue situation, so why do the lieberals continue paying the shadow tolls on the highway to Whistler & the kelowna bridge. If they toll the new bridges on the lower mainland they should toll the bridge in Kelowna. The highway to Whistler is a huge expense for this province, yet the lieberals pay the tolls to the private companies. Isn't it time the drivers paid the tolls? It would save the provincial coffers about what??? $63Million a yr. Maybe they could use the extra money for making sure Surrey hospital doesn't have any more problems in the ER. I'd go for that, no problem.


  2. Natural gas revenues less than expected? How can that be? Last June, Kevin Falcon, de Jong's predecessor, was talking about falling gas prices. Now, in December, we're told that the revenues were less than projected.

    Indeed. They feel no obligation to tell the truth.


  3. The BC Liberals are still having the same problem as Campbell had. There are so many lies, they contradict each other and, they don't remember the first lie they told.

    Christy said. The miners from China are only temporary. Ida Chong said. She is bringing more over. The Chinese will send their money home. That money won't be spent in BC. If BC citizens want to work the mines, they have to speak Mandarin.

    By the way? What happened with, the ship building contract? The U.S. won the contract, for the tear down of the old smelter in Kitimat. They are also building the new smelter. They brought their own workers with them. Again, most of their money will go to the U.S. BC citizens also shop across the border. This is a huge loss of revenue too. Obama welcomes Canadians, to come and shop in the U.S. Harper made this much easier to do. Our cost of living is through the roof. Rather than fixing things, Christy just added to our burden, and jacked everything up even higher. We have our, hydro, heat, phone, cable, insurances and food costs way up. The HST on top of, pretty much everything.

    Foreign country's are really profiting off, Canada's resources and resource jobs. There is very little in this country, for Canadians. We have been bypassed by both, our Federal and Provincial governments.


  4. Time for a reassessment, of the political process in this province. Misrepresentation is saying something that isnt or some that is, that is not. In business you get sued…time to sue the BC Liberal party and the membership who benefit from this nonsense.
    The membership? Why not? They vote for policy at conventions and such, they vote these kleptocrats in and in this case Big business and big money, supply loads of cash for influence.

    It would appear, we are attracting the wrong people into politics. Malfeasance and misrepresentation, seem to be difficult to prove in our system, yet they run rampant. Taxpayers are the big losers here, and we're all tired of it.

    “Jail time and loss of wealth”, seem to be consequences, that those that engage in this type of behavior, within our political system, seem to fear. Lets start using them.

    Doing nothing is the same as condoning the behavior, wake up people, we need serious change here.


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