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The reason Liberals hide BC Rail files

While British Columbia’s government hides BC Rail documents from the Auditor General, consider this current news story. It demonstrates one more example of why full disclosure and transparency is needed for all public and quasi-public financials transactions:

York University sues former executive for “vast” fraud, Toronto Star, Dec. 23/12

“A former top York University executive received about $250,000 worth of home improvements including a Jacuzzi hot tub in a widespread phoney invoice racket that he masterminded on campus, the school alleges.

“In a major lawsuit with supporting documents, York says former assistant vice-president of campus services and business operations Michael Markicevic used staff and construction materials from the university for work at two family homes, while the school unknowingly covered the costs through a “vast” scheme featuring scores of bogus invoices…”

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  1. The files are hidden so the general public does not learn of the government’s incompetence and systemic dishonesty.

    The BC Liberals hide the files because they are instructed to do so by people who run the party with their money.

    The MSM does not report because they are owned by the people who tell the BC Liberals what to do.
    Party politics are finished in Canada.


  2. Now THAT is investigative reporting. Perhaps the Sun and Province can just change the names and use it for a story on the BC Christy party.


  3. dan said it all.

    Merry Christmas Norm…thanks for all your great work this year and look forward to seeing what you cover in 2013!


  4. Unfortunately, that practice is very old and, if you are the person between the “contractor” and a less than diligent accounts payable dept.it is incredibly easy. I have seen it for years in the property management field.

    Merry Christmas Norm. Enjoy your time away.


  5. But….but….but….but….on Sunday afternoon on the people's radio CKNW I heard John Less answer a callers question and state:

    -we have been open and given ALL documents to the courts regarding B.C. Rail, we have cooperated…..there's Client confidentiality….etc. etc. etc.

    -we are firm on the 52,000 jobs we have created, we are firm on those, at one time it was 57,000 jobs

    -re; $15M,we must inform all British Columbians the strides we are making in creating jobs and the Jobs Plan

    but……but…..but…..I just don't understand?

    Merry Christmas Norm and all the best in the New Year.


  6. It still amazes me that these people, do not get the fact, that the “optics” of the Basi-Virk
    legal payout, did nothing but increase the perception that there was something seriously wrong, with the BC Rail sale.

    By shutting down the trial, just before “senior” cabinet ministers and even the premier, might be taking the stand, made this whole trial look like a farce. The only perception by the public, was to keep the “higher ups”, from having to testify. Indeed the payout and perception of the “political manouvering”, to make it happen, only added to this sense of “cover up”.

    More than that, the continual “denial”, that anything was and is still wrong, only heightens the publics suspicion, that indeed, something “underhanded” has and is still taking place.

    If this is one of the basic's of “party” run politics in this country, then “yes” party politics is finished in Canada. Perception of a Crime by a serving government is a serious
    situation in any democracy. The continual “perception” of a coverup, a far greater, event.
    A “public”, “judicial” inquiry, is what is needed here.


  7. With or without a little patience we must wait a little longer to see if the same fate that befell Premier Devine's Conservatives will befall the BC Liberals. In Saskatchewan's case there were criminal convictions and the party vanished altogether.


  8. dream on scotty, the actions of the judges in the bc rail farce clearly shows there will be no charges laid or guilty verdicts, just swept under the carpet and if the peasants do not like it, too bad!


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