Citizens shouldn’t face legal assault by their own governments

Elizabeth James, an independent minded columnist with the North Shore News, is regularly a far better read than many of her high profile colleagues in BC newspaper enterprises. James would not have embarrassed herself the way Times Colonist writer Dave Obee did recently, when he chose to be an apologist for Christy Clark.

In this column Ms. James writes:

I decided to clear my work space a little to make way for the seemingly endless stream of paper I deal with on a daily basis. I turned on the shredder and set to work, but soon, as always, good intentions collided with my habit of reading everything one more time ‘just to be sure.’

I began a clean-up effort at this blog and ended similarly. Often, when I read through old material published here, I realize that issues have not changed, or perhaps they’ve grown more important. As usual, I find it difficult to condense the archives of In-Sights and this item about government bullying is based on a piece from March 2011.

My first awareness of authorities rolling unconscionably over the affairs of individual citizens was in the late sixties when an aunt and uncle and five cousins had their home disappear under waters of the Columbia River, following construction of the Keenleyside Dam. That experience primed me for sympathy for citizens ruined without proper compensation during construction of the transit line along the Cambie corridor.

It amazes me that in this recent situation, a government professing to care about families and small businesses allowed their agents to fight so hard against those who were displaced.

Susan Heyes was subject of an Elizabeth column, Provincial Goliath has deep pockets.

Ms. James warns:

Take heed: Out of the blue, these assaults can happen to anyone.

This is true of course, particularly when our government are servants of the elites and care little about justice for ordinary citizens.

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  1. Elizabeths James's comments are both chilling and disturbing. That the public can literally be walked on and have no recourse – unless they have very deep pockets, shows the contempt that the government and the BC Liberal party have for the people who put them in power.

    It would serve the government right (BC Liberals) if the public turned on them and demanded justice for the poor and the needy.

    Being a hard working and law abiding citizen these days, seems to do nothing but enhance the power of the rich and priviliged at the expense of the needy.

    Thank you


  2. Here is a news item that the mainstream media ignored.

    Canada Line cut-and-cover metro was/is the only cut-and-cover projects that did not, I repeat, did not have a compensation package for those businesses that were negatively affected by said construction.

    Clearly the provincial government was cutting costs and the merchants along Cambie were hung out to dry.

    That the government can do this to citizens is more than chilling, it is evil.

    The real story of the Canada Line is summed up here.


  3. Another of Campbell's dirty tactics. When we get rid of the BC Liberal crime family. Lets keep track of all of the scum, that will leave BC on the run. None of them, will be welcome in our province. We will move heaven and earth, to put Campbell in prison for, his corrupt sale of the BCR. Never will the BC people forget this.

    Does anyone know, what happened to Lara Daphinee? Is Campbell living with Nancy? That I can't see.


  4. Here Here…not only him, but anyone else involved, or as a matter of fact, anyone involved in any other illigality, perpetraited on the taxpayer, in this province, by the BC Liberals! Enough of these clowns, fill a prison if you have to!


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