BC Liberals

A message to Christy Clark and friends

An old Turkish folk tale teaches:

The candle of someone who lies almost always burns just to midnight. After his candle goes out, nobody gives him any light. He remains without light.

This story illustrates:

A lonely princess, known by all, once had friends, family and respect but she sometimes told small lies.Then, she started to tell big lies. When her people complained, she promised to be honest about her job, but she didn’t keep her promises. She lost the job, then her friends and then her family. Few people trusted and believed her.

One day, a fire started in her home. She ran to the center of town and shouted, “Neighbors, please help me. My home is burning. I need help or I lose everything.”

Nobody believed her so the home burned completely. She was left alone and homeless, with no possessions.

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