Enbridge: into the truth machine

In an extended campaign, advertising promoting the Enbridge pipeline has become incessant noise. One problem with this particular ballyhoo is that its words are not believable. Listeners don’t need sophisticated knowledge to recognize a dishonest campaign.

Here’s the wording of a recurrent radio spot:

“Northern Gateway project will strengthen British Columbia’s position as one of Canada’s most vital trading provinces. It will bring significant benefits to the economy by allowing us to export our natural resources to the growing Pacific Rim. And, it will ensure the future prosperity of BC by opening up a new gateway to world markets. Northern Gateway; it’s more than a pipeline. It’s a path to our future. Learn more about how it will strengthen trade at Northerngateway.ca”

I ran the script through the truth machine. The result:

“Northern Gateway project will strengthen a handful of multi-national companies. It will bring significant benefits to oil producers, allowing exports to eliminate surpluses that would result from refining products in Canada. By shipping bitumen to Pacific Rim nations, their industrial prosperity is encouraged and consumers here will be allowed to pay substantially more for energy. Higher prices will ensure future prosperity of the world’s largest oil companies. And, the pipeline will provide a new gateway to world markets for any BC exporters transporting products from Bruderheim to Kitimat and on to China in a supertanker loaded with bitumen. Learn more about how Northern Gateway will strengthen the oil industry and harm your finances. It’s a project with many losers and rather few winners.”

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  1. Yes, I like how they use the affirmative “will” — rather than the “if we are allowed to….”

    Their messaging says that “it's already in the bag, so give up.”

    I say “NO!”


  2. I always chuckle at the tone of the ads when I hear them. So sweet and calming. I think it could put a fussy newborn to sleep it you just replay it over and over again in their ear.LOL


  3. Sorry to say but the project will be rammed through.
    The Federal Governments financial policy depends upon it.
    Get ready for an equally abnoxious Government advertising campaign & demonstrations be damned.


  4. Perhaps, but a government change in BC 18 weeks from now, may change the outcome. future NDP cabinet member Spencer Chandra Herbert told a group in North Vancouver today that they will oppose the project.

    Additionally, the Supreme Court is not likely to allow aboriginal interests to be pushed aside.


  5. Perfect…where can we get these truth machines, and make them mandatory equipment in every politicians office in this country!


  6. You're dealing with rabid political life forms Norm ..
    I truly hesitate to describe them as dogs or pigs.. or rats
    They're a low more primitive form..
    they seem .. more neanderthal.. nihilistic
    and determined to destroy the environment they live in ..
    or worse .. the environment others live in ..


  7. I do hope the truth machine is fired up for the upcoming election. The BS from both the NDP and the Liberals may require additional truth machines as just one may not be able to withstand the volume of promises etc.


  8. From the Canadian Consumer Handbook:
    “Misleading advertising occurs when a claim about a product or service is materially false or misleading, in an attempt to persuade the consumer to buy it.”

    If Kelloggs, Kashi, Reebok,New Balance, Hyundai, Kia, Taco Bell and Activia among many other lesser names can be charged with false advertising, then why not Enbridge?

    With that thought, I have complained to: info@consumerprotectionbc.ca


  9. Not to put too fine a point on it, Norm, but the SCoC already did rule on FN interests; SCoC decisions are final; FN Constitutional rights to negotiated treaties (specifically in BC where there are few treaties) is affirmed and doesn't need reaffirmation. That means if a BC FN is compelled to go before a judge with regard to development on their unceded territory, it will be to seek an injunction based on the SCoC precedent (the Tsihlqot'in injunction against Taseko Mines' surveyors at Fish Lake is an example.)

    It will take about five minutes to get an injunction, nothing like the 127 years both BC and Canada dragged out the Nisg'a's land claim court action (before they got their treaty.)


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