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The evidence mounts

In the Times Colonist today, Rob Shaw provides information that should result in every citizen, BC Liberal supporters included, demanding a formal inquiry into disposition of BC Rail. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to occur for another 17 weeks. Moving sooner would require the exercise of common sense and that is not so common when politicians are covering their backsides.

Journalist Shaw reminds us that when the BC government agreed to pay $6 million for the benefit of Dave Basi and Bob Virk, they said,

“it was unlikely to recover the money from either Basi or Virk based on their limited financial assets. Mike de Jong, B.C. attorney general at the time, said only a “minuscule” amount of money could have been recovered from the men.

Shortly after, Bob Virk was involved in a near million dollar property transaction. As Shaw writes,

“Virk’s involvement in land acquisition one year after taxpayers paid his legal bills “raises an awful lot of questions,” said NDP justice critic Leonard Krog.”

Any person trained in investigations, whether financial auditor or detective, knows that you must first consider motive and opportunity. Why did the BC government agree to pay $6 million and arrange for slap-on-wrist sentences for Basi and Virk, days before senior Liberals were due to testify? Gee whiz. I wonder.

NDP justice critic Krog has been accused of being too soft when it comes to BC Rail. Maybe, as a lawyer, he has merely been patient, waiting for the process to complete. As lawyers know, in the long run, the guilty do pay.

It won’t happen in the next 2 months. Christy Clark, protecting people close to her, is hoping for a Hail-Mary event that will keep her from a Kim Campbell experience.

As Leonard Krog said in December,

“If a B.C. Rail inquiry had been called from the beginning, we would have long ago gotten to the bottom of this. Instead the Liberals continue to drag their feet and the people of British Columbia still don’t have the full story behind the sale of B.C. Rail….”

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  1. People should ask themselves: How many six or seven figure real estate investments have I been involved in. I bet the answer for most is NONE.


  2. I think as we are seeing things unfold for Mr. Harper with Idle no more, the way is to remove the power from those under the illusion that it in their hands.
    Simply stating that we will no longer listen and will in fact take steps to demmand justice would seem like a good starting point.A novel idea to be sure but in it's simplicity is proving to work.


  3. The link above is for a petition from the folks at Integrity BC. To my eye (although I'd like to hear/read Norm's take) it looks to be a good and sensible one.

    A clickable link to said petition is….




  4. I for one have figured out why Basi/Verk were pd $6M. The lieberals wanted the trial to end. They paid $6M. The trial ended. Case closed. Whatever the government said after that was just what ever they made up to excuse the payout. Anyone who believed it, well there is some lovely swamp land I'd like to sell them in Florida.

    If we actually got the truth I am sure more than one person would be charged criminally & it wouldn't be Basi/Verk. We can only hope for a judicial inquiry once there is a change in government. If Krog becomes A.G. in a new government I don't see it happening. he hasn't exactly been proactive in regards to any of this. He needs to step up to the plate & take a more assertive position & role.

    I want to know exactly how we the taxpayers of B.C. lost our railroad. I want it back. I want the people involved in the “sale” charged for any & all wrong doing & sent to jail. That rail road did not loose money. Campbell lied. It was an asset to the province. Old WAC had more vision & brains than the idiot who are running this province into the ground.


  5. There are still a few assets the Liberals haven't stolen yet and they are pulling out all the stops spending taxpayer money to convince the sheeple that they still deserve to be in government.The next salvo will come during the election.

    BC rail,the convention centre,the marshmallow stadium, BC Ferries, and the IPP's were just a warm up. The biggest Jewel still waiting to be stolen.

    If the Liberals are elected the first thing they will do is flog off BC Hydro to their political buddies that financed their election and they will use the same excuse as they did in the BC Rail deal. They have already bankrupted it and the next step is to move it out of public ownership.

    THE LIBERALS WILL SELL BC HYDRO, it won,t be mentioned during the election but rest assured it will happen if these thieves are elected.

    Print this off and put it on your calendar for June 2013.


    By the way eaf, WAC was a small time hood compared to Campbell and Co.


  6. Campbell's first election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale? Who put our BCR and the priceless Real Estate that went with it, up for sale? Not the two patsies that took the fall for Campbell. That's for damned sure. Christy was Campbell's Deputy Premier at that time. Most of the BC Ministers of to-day, were also present, during that corrupt theft and sale of our BCR. That trial for the theft and sale of the BCR, will be the farce of the century. Martyn Brown couldn't remember, one damned thing. We were always afraid, he would never find his way home. That's how bad his memory was.

    There was no way Campbell dared to permit, that farce of a trial to go on. If Basi/Virk kept their mouths shut, they would be taken care of. Indeed they were. Our tax dollars were thieved, to pay their legal fees. Rumor has it, Basi/Virk had to sign a nondisclosure. Believe you me? Campbell most certainly did not want to go to prison. Even if that's where he rightfully belongs.


  7. Campbell said he would not sell BC Rail. True to his word, he did not sell it. He gave it away! One 2500km Railroad inc. locomotives, rail, rolling stock AND ADJACENT LANDS for something less than $1 Billion. Why, an 1100 km Enbridge pipeline is worth seven times that – with NO locomotives,rolling stock OR ADJACENT LANDS! And Kinder Morgan, somewhat the same length of line is purported to be $7 Billion.
    And who knows what the actual 'sale' price of BCRail was? Rumour has it that it included a $250 million credit for some tax scam. Other rumours have it that we financed the tax scam and the resulting cost to BC taxpayers is $750 million resulting in a zero Revenue to the taxpayers of BC. Does anyone know the truth? Not without an inquiry apparently!
    John's Aghast!


  8. It should be illegal to sell “Crown” (the people's) assets.
    Provincially and Federally!

    Just like it's apparently illegal to run deficit budgets.


  9. Norm, you're not serious when you say “As lawyers know, in the long run, the guilty do pay.” Where did you hear that piece of fiction?

    People get away with unlawful things all the time, right up to, and including, murder. Especially people with connections or people who are members of certain preferred groups.

    It's clear you're not a lawyer, nor do you have much knowledge of what really goes on behind the scenes in the legal realm, especially here in BC. If you knew, your hair would curl tighter than a corkscrew.


  10. I sincerely hope that after the BC Rail hearing, and resulting “criminal” trials, there will be a “run” on orange jumpsuits, at one or more of the local prisons, in this province.

    Truly, at the end of the day, this will be the only way for “the people” in this province to
    receive “justice” from the “era”, of the most “corrupt governance”, in this province's history.

    Of late there are more revelations, about BC place, the roof, the Port Mann bridge and other BC Liberal Party “boondoggles”. The “crap” just keeps on comin!


  11. Out of respect for the NDP, the BC Christy Party convicts should have to wear blue-and-white striped coveralls. Then again, having to wear the other team's colour could add to their pain.


  12. We have to get the “miscreants” behind bars, all of them, as quickly as possible. Sentences need to reflect the severity of the crime(s), not slaps on the wrist.

    As to the “wealth” that has been, “removed” from the taxpayers, as in BC Rail, along with other scandals, resulting in massive finacial losses “to the taxpayer”, some form of “recovery”, under the proceeds of crime legislation, needs to be pursued. If not from the party itself, the individuals who pulled the strings, and made the decisions.

    We've all been ripped off! We all want justice! Not political platitudes and promises… I think we can all agree, the time for that, is long past.


  13. PSWA Canada (Pacific South Western Advocates) mental health advocates are giving a Presentation regarding (police verbal/written MHA incident reports) to the Victoria police Board on Feb 12, 2013 in Esquimalt city hall.
    Currently some police provide only a verbal subjective incident reports to medical staff when police apprehednd/detain/arrest a citizen and transport them to medical staff under BC's Infamous Mental Health Act Section 28(1), (the emergency provisions of the Act).
    PSWA will be talking about two cases where medical staff misunderstood police as to the reason why police brought detainee to hospital.
    #1 Medical staff unaware police brought in detainee under BC MHA sec. 28(1), med staff treated injury to arm and released him, the officers who had left, came back asking wherabouts of detainee, med staff stated they released him. The released detainee was setting fire to someone's residence within one hour of release.
    #2 Author of Tax Guide Book was filling out 810 Peace-Bond at Victoria Law Courts (JP conclude author had Just Cause) author then went to Crown to apply, within 5 minutes the author was being hauled by Victoria police in handcuffs, taken to Royal Jubillee hospital, thrown into a small room, the door was locked, forced to remove clothers without being allowed Charter call to lawyer or family, medicated against his will, and held for 11 days as he refused to speak with psychiatrist. On day 11, he agreed to meet with psychiatrist, he was released after 10 minute discussion! The author during his 11 day unlawful committal had 2 day passes, so the knew he was no threat to anyone.
    Police records stated “detained man at Law Courts, no history of mental health”, medical records ER physician wrote “police brought him in from Revenue Canada”, “I can only assume”, “I think it;s best to get a psych consult and got from there”.
    Medical staff don't need to be second guessing why police bring detainees under BC MhA to them, they are multi-tasking enough already. Imagine a senior's response if forced to submit to a psychiatirc evaluation without being allowed Charter Rights call to lawyer, denied call to family/friend/neighbour and having to remove clothes and accept anti-psychotic medication against their will, their lawyer/family/friends do not know where they are, and they drug the senior ! This should never happen in Canada, proper filled out MHA forms will lessons unlawful committals, we hope!


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