BC Liberals

They held World War II in 6 years and a day

In 2001, the BC Liberal platform promised to improve administration of justice in the province through “determined leadership.”

In 2005, Premier Gordon Campbell told the Canadian Bar Association,

Improving access to justice and enhancing public confidence in the justice system can become a reality through the effective administration of justice.

In 2008, CBC reported:

…new figures show the average person facing a traffic offence can expect to spend 10 months waiting to appear before the courts — up from seven months just a year earlier.

Criminal cases now take an average of seven months to reach trial, one month longer than the previous year, and some are simply being thrown out due to time delays.

The deck chairs have been shuffled but only one of five occupants could mount a claim of competence; the current denizen least of all. This is the list of BC Liberal Attorneys General who guided BC to where justice is today:

  • Geoff Plant, 2001-2005;
  • Wally Oppal, 2005-2009;
  • Mike de Jong, 2009-2010;
  • Barry Penner, 2010-2011;
  • Shirley Bond, 2011-2013.

And where is justice today? Largely in disarray, managed by incompetents. Out of many possibilities, one example:

  • The M.V. Queen of the North ran aground and sank March 22, 2006. After four years, charges were laid against the ship’s fourth officer. Three years later, his trial begins. Click on this timeline for an expanded view:

If the ship’s fourth officer is convicted, inevitable appeals could keep this going for 12 years or more.

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  1. I believe Norm, that they are doing exactly what they did with BC Rail, BC Ferries, the BC Medical Plan and other government infrastructure. Simply allow it to fail then sell it off to private interests. Justice is the least of their concerns as you have pointed out. Profit for their friends is paramount. This is exactly what Harper is doing as well.


  2. It's called the Structural Adjustment Programme imposed by Wall Street – the dismantling of the “Welfare State” Privatize everything you can get your hands on – all in the name of Capitalism (free enterprise)

    Didn't Karl Marx say about capitalism that money turns everything into a commodity that can be bought and sold: government, honor, morality, the writing of history, legality. Nothing is immune to purchase.

    Seems to me that the morality of the BC Liberal party members has been sold as well as our ability to govern our own province.


  3. Gordon Campbell knew exactly what he was doing when he shut down courtrooms and gutted the justice system in BC. He was just reducing the venues in which he could be tried for all the raping and pillaging of this Province he was about to do!

    BTW, we don't have a justice system in BC, we have a legal system….and it sucks!!!


  4. Good point although it denigrates many people on the frontlines who are doing their best with too few resources. I'm thinking particularly of court and family law staff assisting victims of domestic violence or neglect.

    The real problem, as you point out, originates with poor policy and incompetent leadership.


  5. Although isn't this poor policy and leadership just a guise to deliberately destroy our systems in order to privatize them and take away the “power of the people”? The government already fights us common folk with our own money anytime you challenge them or their actions re: Auditor fighting government for files on BC Rail etc


  6. The important question is where are these so-called successful and well-loved Journalists, the fans have been getting curious about their absences.

    Any comment on that CTV, BCTV, CBC, CHECK TV, TIMES COLONIST & THE PROVINCE, didn't think so!


  7. The term “free enterprise” is a phony way of referring to “private enterprise” .
    “Private Enterprise” means that EVERYTHING of value should be privately held.
    (And not by you and me!)


  8. Sorry Ray, that's exactly what I had meant to say – To Anonymous at 10:43am – our MSM have their heads so far up the butts of these “gods of money” that no amount of shaming them will force them to scrutinize their own behavior – it's called denial – easier to point fingers at the victims instead of taking responsibility for allowing themselves to be corruptible or for putting themselves in that position in the first place!


  9. When the heat is on politicians, what a convenient stalling tactic to merely state “It's before the courts”. It's a type of manipulation that criminals and lawyers use all the time to hide behind. Campbell made it into an art form and a major political strategy. It allowed him to be elected three times.


  10. You wonder-is the m Upside down wall street money-wsm.?
    MSM-main street money.?
    concentration of ownership is a concern.lack of variance of view entails.?


  11. Yes… I would agree with the ability, of well heeled organizations, of any kind to “manipulate” the judicial system, through the use of procedural delays and other means. The cost to the taxpayers, when governments engage in this method of “delay” is questioable. In terms of the financial waste and obvious “delay” of Justice, to those seeking remedy, through the courts, it becomes a “sham”.

    When a government, involved in “questionable” dealings, or in a situation of “percieved” scandal
    utilizes this method of “delay”, to obscure its involvement in such malfeasance, most people would
    view the practice, as “obstruction”.

    The overall problem, is one of proper oversight by a non partisan entity. The attorney general was at “one time”, supposed to oversee the function of the courts. This concept has “been changed” over the past 40 years, especially in this province.

    It would now appear, that the attorney general in BC, has “lost” a large part of the ability, to oversee the operation of the judicuary, and holding it to account, for it operations. Why is the question…

    The operation of the judicuary, “at arms length and without political interference”, is a cornerstone of any democracy. The “blurring” of this basic tenament of democracy, here in BC is a “disturbing” trend in not only the administration of Justice, but in overall governance as well.


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