Feet of clay

After Laura Robinson‘s September exposé in the Georgia Straight, John Furlong held a widely reported news conference where he defended himself categorically and accused the reporter of inaccuracy and “shocking lack of diligence in researching the article.”

He also claimed that Robinson was involved in a personal vendetta against him and said that he had been told that, for a cash payment, the story “could be made to go away.” Though not said, one implication that could be taken by a casual listener was that Laura Robinson was involved in a blackmail attempt.

Lawyer Marvin Storrow reinforced the allegation, saying “We are very curious about the motivation that exists in this matter.” Again, the imprecision of that statement is designed to smear Robinson.

In fact, the statement of claim filed by Furlong in Supreme Court says the request for payment came two years before Robinson’s article and was made by an unnamed woman who claimed to be a victim of Furlong during earlier days.

Despite the writer having made numerous efforts to contact Furlong, directly and through his lawyer and publisher, the former VANOC CEO said,

It is also beyond all belief that the Georgia Straight newspaper did not place a single call to me to validate any of the elements of this story.

Yet, lawyer Marvin Storrow stated they had warned Robinson and the Georgia Straight a number of times that a civil action would be commenced against them if defamatory remarks were made. Furlong’s statement of claim also notes contacts between the Plaintiff’s solicitor and the Georgia Straight.

Again, it appears these people want it both ways. They complain the publisher made not a single call to discuss the story but admit they had various contacts with those who are now defendants.

Furlong’s September 27 news conference, ended by him saying,

I am not in a position to provide further remarks.

Days later though, Furlong’s personal website offered more remarks, including admission that he was employed at a Burns Lake school in 1969, a fact at odds with his autobiography which states that he came to Canada five years later.

Additionally, the Plaitiff’s side found it worthwhile to continue its controlled media offensive by publication this week of a statement from Furlong’s children, their mother Margaret, and their stepmother Gail, along with Furlong’s 11 grandchildren. For someone who claimed regret about the effects of this story on his family, it seems contradictory to bring minor children into the public forum.

Earlier, Furlong accused Laura Robinson of having contempt for authority figures in sport.

Well John, sometimes that contempt is earned.

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  1. Evil is as evil does.

    Feet of clay indeed, as it sounds to be that lawyer Marvin Storrow threatened libel chill against Robinson and the Straight.

    Oh how the mighty fall to the power of the pen. And just like BC Rail, the mainstream media have circled the wagons around their man and heap scorn on their media cousins.


  2. I know Storrow. He's not one to be toyed with. My curiosity was piqued by the additional affidavit material Robinson filed alleging physical abuse, even rape. Why would a defendant do that? It will certainly not help her with the court unless she can conclusively prove what's claimed. Judges don't, and shouldn't, look kindly on that sort of thing. She knows she's not liable for defamation within the action itself and appears to be exploiting an immunity. Courts don't like to be used that way for obvious reasons. Notice that, at this point, Robinson and the Georgia Strait seem to be steering somewhat different courses. She's practically inviting an award of punitive damages or, at the very least, exemplary costs.

    I'm keeping an open mind on this one. Trying people on media accounts is rarely productive.


  3. Since when does it matter what the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals do? They are permitted to lie and cheat to win their elections too. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on Campbell's radar. They could thieve and sell an entire railroad, and the priceless Real Estate that goes with it. They can even thieve and sell our own damned river's, for Gods sake. All the elite and Politicians need in this province is, a special prosecutor to get away with their crimes. What about the trial, for Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR? The brain dead witness we were worried, he wouldn't be able to find his way home? What a damned farce of a judicial system. What about John Doyle? What a load of crap that is. Christy's TV ads are pure, unadulterated b.s.

    In this country, Politicians are rewarded for their dirty work. Drunks and all.

    Courts don't like to be used that way, for the obvious reasons? We in BC, know exactly how the courts can be used. We sure in the hell have seen enough of that. Our tax dollars have certainly been used, for those who commit crimes in this province.


  4. Furlong is just too stupid or arrogant to know you do not start fights with people who buy their ink by the barrel.When you are busted you are busted.


  5. “All the elite and Politicians need in this province is, a special prosecutor to get away with their crimes., What a damn farce of a judicial system.” Not a “farce”, the corruption of the political, judicial and government bureaucrats (some) is not an accident, nor is it a few bad apples. It goes to the core. This isn't happening by accident or mere incompetence, although those things occur too. Graham N.


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