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The doctor’s prescription

The Tyee presents testimony of Salmon Arm family physician Dr. Warren Bell to the NEB Northern Gateway hearings. Doctor’s Diagnosis: Pipeline Symptom of ‘Social Pathology’ is a thoughtful piece, well worth reading.

Dr. Bell provides his personal cure for a disease that affects Canada today:

  • “First, we must, as a nation, work out a respectful, mutually satisfactory relationship with Canada’s First Peoples — not destroy their culture by stealth.
  • “Second, we must reform the electoral system to make it radically more representative.
  • “Third, we must alter the power balance in the federal governance system so that one person cannot pre-empt democratic processes as Stephen Harper is now doing.
  • “And fourth, we must rein in the overwhelming power and influence of the corporate sector.

“Until we do these four things, our country is vulnerable to political, social and ecological upheaval that will retard our development as a nation, and likely offer ruin to the lives of future generations.”

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  1. Hmm. Well, I'd vote for the last point, anyway. The first 3 are left-leaning tripe, written by someone who can't get their party elected, but there's some truth to the last one. Overall grade: 25%.


  2. Let’s propose that we make no judgement for now as to whether Harper has pre-empted democratic processes any more than others in his position have done. Then, without any reference to Harper, would the doctor’s suggestion that “the power balance in the federal governance system” be altered remain an example of “left-leaning tripe”?


  3. Gee Norman more of those with avarice must be reading your blog.

    If the robber barons and their blind followers, both past and present, had created a respectful mutually satisfactory relationship with First Nations people, we would not have the crises we have today. Unlike the Americans who like to shoot their perceived adversaries, many of our so-called esteemed leaders made agreements with First Nations people and then without a second thought broke them. White mans introduction of small-pox eliminated two-thirds of coastal tribes, forced them to live on reserves, sent them to residential schools, took their sources of livelihood, outlawed their customs, and only in recent years gave them the right to vote.

    When people say natives should get a job and pay taxes like everyone else, they should observe the impediments that white man has put in the way of our indigenous people. Getting a decent job in white mans world even into the 1980's was a major challenge if the potential employer was aware a candidate was a native indian.

    Past grievances can only be resolved through mutually respectful processes. These problems and their resolutions are not right/left issues, they are right/wrong issue.


  4. John B, I was referring to point 2, which gives rise to the natural cry of those who can't get elected: “The system is wrong, we must change the system!” I'm unconvinced that the PM is pre-empting the democratic process.


  5. @Relayer
    “I'm unconvinced that the PM is pre-empting the democratic process.”

    If you are not convinced that Harper is destroying Canadian democracy then you are either an employee of the PMO or a paid Reform party shill.

    John B. – do not feed the trolls.


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