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Premier Photo Op and friends set the table

We’re back from travels and almost recovered from jet lag, or whatever ails one after an extended trip. People vacation for rest and relaxation but sometimes return feeling astonished, weary and desperately in need of rest and relaxation.

We logged 40,000 km on 15 flights over 29 days. Not bad for an aging body (me) who spent a few years as a white knuckle flyer, worrying continuously about bumps, creaks and unidentified noises. Actually, that state of airborne apprehension was not entirely irrational, given a few experiences I don’t want to repeat.

Most of the time away we spent in India, with visits to Delhi and the states of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadhu, Kerala and Karnataka. For a change of pace, and a weighty whack to the wallet, we also spent 5 days in New York City. Soon, I’ll be writing on other pages about the trip.

At home, there are so many subjects appealing to a political blogger. I feel like a hungry and impoverished diner with a free ticket to the world’s largest buffet. Indeed, the entire crew of the BC Liberal Party continues working to ensure all adversaries, new and old, enjoy a surfeit of opportunity to pile on this astoundingly corrupt and incompetent provincial government.

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  1. Great to see you back Norm! One day we will have to compare photos. Can't wait for the first dish from the buffet.


  2. Welcome home Norm. I checked in daily and was both disappointed and happy to see nothing.

    CC & Co did not back off so you can easily just pick it up from here.


  3. Good to have you back, sounds like you had a good time and don't fret, us retarded, oops, I mean retired folk can indulge in “rest and relaxation” after the vacation, indeed the vacation is our work now!


  4. Welcome back Norm. Thought of you frequently, missing your thoughtful commentary. I hope you had a great break from the political world here and come back with a fresh outlook.
    W.O. London


  5. Ah, a safe journey ended and now back home safe in the comfort of one's own fire.

    What a moth it was and I am not talking about tripping through India. Premier Photo-op is disintegrating before our eyes, but she is taking some NDPers down with the ship. I do not think we will see Dix 'snatch defeat from the jaws of victory', nor will we see a two seat Liberal rump, out numbered by independent MLA's.

    On the civic scene, Vancouver & TransLink are vainly trying to promote a Broadway subway, but the public seem to have grown weary of Vancouver's demands and even wearier at TransLink's follies. with a few exceptions, regional mayors have failed to grasp that the public are tax maxed out and if they keep up there tax, tax, tax mantra, may face political oblivion come the next round of municipal elections.

    Vision Vancouver and especially Geoff Meggs and Mayor Moonbeam is slowly becoming toxic with voters, especially with the community centre cash grab fiasco, but without any credible alternative, yet to show itself, may yet win, but maybe outnumbered by newly elected COPE and NPA/Independent Councillors.

    Oh there is a lot of the proverbial stuff ready to hit the fan and a lot is lying around untouched because the mainstream media are unwilling to do so. Oh, there is so much manure to rake over and I think you will be busy for some time to come.


  6. Heard an interview with T. Tejpal on the way back from Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and thought of you. As if we couldn't have guessed, the same stuff seems to go on in India as here in BC. Welcome back.


  7. I'd been wondering how the soothsayer's warning,”Beware the Ides of March!” would apply to the BC Liberals. Now I get it: Norm's back!

    Welcome home; we've missed you.


  8. Glad you had a good trip, if not a rest, Norm.

    While you were away, CC has been running out of sacrificial lambs (or Yams)
    Almost done, actually.


  9. Surely blowhard billy brown nose was referring to himself,baldrey palmer with that description! wecome back! go get them.


  10. Very nice to see you back Norm!

    Your timing is perfect, looks like a BC Liberal implosion. Way over due.



  11. Just thought I would check in and WHOA! our globetrotting son is home. Glad to hear you are safe and look forward to word on your journey's.
    Back just in time Norm as the end is here.


  12. Welcome home. Glad you are home safe and sound. Some of the other bloggers were working hard while you were away. They had lots of material to work with. the lieberals are up to about 8 scandals this week.


  13. Welcome Back! We missed you whilst you were gone, but like everyone else, look forward to your “take” on things now that you're back.


  14. To lighten up just a bit, I see by the new pic you located the fountain of youth on your journey.

    I thought it was a young Phil Donahue at first.


  15. Nice looking buffet in the photo. I expect no Liberals will be dining on the gastronomic delights as I am unable to see any large plates of crow.


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