Income Inequality

Income disparity grows

Incomes of bottom 90 percent grew $59 in 40 years, Natasha Lennard,

“Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnston has highlighted yet more statistics that illuminate the spike in income inequality in the U.S. in recent decades. Flagging Johnston’s analysis, HuffPo noted Monday, ‘Incomes for the bottom 90 percent of Americans only grew by $59 on average between 1966 and 2011 (when you adjust those incomes for inflation)… During the same period, the average income for the top 10 percent of Americans rose by $116,071.’ …

“Plot those numbers on a chart, with one inch for $59, and the top 10 percent’s line would extend more than 163 feet.

“Now compare the vast majority’s $59 with the top 1 percent, and that line extends for 884 feet…”

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  1. Many of these considerations are exacerbated by wealth wielded by, but not necessarily ascribed to, that same crowd at the top of the pyramid, and the power into which that wealth is translated by the buying and selling of venal public figures who aspire to membership in the club. Great stuff, as usual. I love the visual metaphor.


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