BC Liberals

Only when their lips move

On February 15, Times of India Film Awards flack Laura Ballance said:

About 35,000 tickets for the April 6 awards ceremony at B.C. Place went up for grabs Friday morning at 8 a.m. — and by 4 p.m. only a few single tickets remained. …We’re virtually sold out.

April 5, CKNW reported the latest version from Laura Ballance:

When 20,000 tickets were offered in February, they were snapped up but she says since then, they’ve reconfigured the stage and seating plan… People can go in and get tickets at the different ranges…

Now, I have a choice to believe TOIFA about a near sell-out crowd or to believe the ticket broker who said they’ll “be papering the place.”

Well, Kingsley Bailey never lied to me before.

Advertising man par excellence Terry O’Reilly on his wonderful CBC program Age of Persuasion, said this:

A generation ago, one of the greats of the Ad business, Bob Levenson, wrote perhaps the most remarkable–and least-celebrated–ads in history.

Titled “Do This Or Die”, it was both a manifesto and a warning to the Ad Industry. “It was a plea for candour and intelligence among advertisers, and for authentic dialogue with consumers.”

That week on The Age of Persuasion, Terry O’Reilly explained why today’s advertisers ignore this plea at their peril. Christy Clark’s team should have been paying attention.

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  1. Like the National Lampoon ad that featured a gun to the head of dog.
    The liberals are saying, Go with us or…..


  2. I wonder if these idiots understand this kind of thing only confirms what everyone that is paying attention already knows…..LIERS,CHEATS,and THIEVES=Liberal Party ofB.C…..


  3. As long as the libs keep lieing and don't break ranks they ass-u-me they'll just slide through the next election. Well, IMO they won't slide through at all but get nipped in the bud. However, they'll never break ranks it'll all be gordos fault. CC will keep telling us her shits don't stink.Then she'll skip off to her next big adventure.

    Will there be any pieces for the libs to put back together? Hopefully not. I still expect some pre and post election shennigans from the libs. I doubt they'll go quietly into the nite. They'll challenge every riding that doesn't go lib and make all the fake noise they can. They'll stall the hand over of power to any new govt as long as they can and shred all incriminating evidence. If I were the leader of the new govt in BC I'd send out supporters to watch and document everything that occurs in lib MLA offices…JMO YMMV


  4. One more thing. I understand that CC & RC's nomination papers have yet to be filed with EB. That only requires $250 and 75 signatures from the riding they run in. Why is this taking so long? Could we see a situation whereby CC & RC bail out just before the election? If the election campaign starts can it be suspended until a new lib leader is found to replace CC ?


  5. This has to go own in history as the biggest & most scandalous waste of taxpayer dollars. aside from all the comments that are mainly negative, we still have a few Liberals & supporters feeding the media with BS on how great this event is. Give it a rest.

    As well Norm, I read somewhere the other day, the Liberal (probably through Ida Chong) gave the Ford World Curling officials a cheque for $100 thousand dollars. What surprises me is that I have never read where this event was in financial trouble. Is this another tax payer vote buying gift for the Liberals ?

    It's insanity & it has to come to an end.

    Guy in Victoria


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