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Absolute best comment written about Premier Photo Op

Long time Liberal Warren Kinsella — the only guy in the years of In-Sights who threatened to sue this humble blogger — published a precise description of Christy Clark yet written. It’s in his article ADRIEN DIX IS GOING TO WIN, a piece that disappeared after the 2013 election:

My problem was that she was, in her core, without a core. She was fake. She was phony.

From the King James edition of a famous book:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

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  1. Should have told him that before he plastered himself all over black press this last week shilling for her. Retired Victoria businessman my ass!


  2. While door-knocking for the NDP this week, we came across a few people who proudly announced that they had already voted for Christy (and twice as many that had voted for Adrian Dix.)

    If only this comment had been released a few days earlier — and people had taken off their blinders and SEEN it — it could have prevented some unearned votes.

    Christy and her cohorts have GOT to go!


  3. It is truly unfortunate that Christy has been made the dupe in all of this. Somehow there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. My inclination would be that Morgan, Brown and Kinsella, needed a patsi, in order for the real BC Liberal agenda to be completed or at least slid in, at the last few moments.
    Sounds like the real “manipulation's” required a bit more time, after Campbell got the boot. No one else could fit the bill, better than Christy, given Kinsella's charactar analysis. Political saviness, or pinache is not her forte.

    As a front person she was ideal. She could be moulded into what the insiders needed, to keep everyone else busy. Appealing to many at the beginning, she then lost her momentum then her following. As she descended into the political mess that is BC politics, her shortcomings, were quickly revealed and her lack of integrity, along with her inability to accept blame and responsibility, came lot the fore.

    Adrian Dix will be the next premier, even Rich Coleman has conceded as much. Christy will go down in history as BC's only unelected premier…..


  4. That picture of Christy reading the Chinese language newspapers. Bet she's thinking “Is this is hengpai or zongpai? Should I pretend to read left to right, right to left, up to down or down to up?”


  5. When it comes to quotes that define Christy Clark, some of the best came from her…

    Premier Christy Clark has told a popular Christian television program that she finds inspiration and the courage to make tough decisions in the Bible.

    Clark told reporters she wants British Columbians and Canadians to know that B.C. is ahead of Alberta when it comes to job growth.

    we must ensure that our families are raised in safe environments,” Clark said during her leadership run. “That is why I want to see a ban on cosmetic pesticides on lawns, parks and playgrounds. (no decision)

    Christy Clark told CBC News on Thursday that she thought it was “sneaky” of the Campbell government to announce the HST after the election.

    We cannot borrow now and leave the debt for our kids and grandkids to pay off,”

    Clark in May: BC “gets about same benefit as Nova Scotia” from #Enbridge pipeline.

    Clark immediately cleared that up by stating criticism of the government decision to reward the same executives who had been rightly pilloried was just “semantics.”

    “Nobody wants a party switcher,” she said. “We want people who are men of principle who will run for us, people who are consistent in their views.”

    “this character assassination stuff? I just think it’s kind of dumb.”

    “Ya know, I think, I,…I…I…Ya know, I think”

    Guy in Victoria


  6. There's a reason the Fiberals were pushing hard for their supporters/sheep to vote early…they knew more scandals were coming down the pipeline on the last days leading up to the election!


  7. Interesting thought. I know there has been a concerted effort to stall FOI requests until after the election.

    Today, someone is telling me that a large segment of work on the Coquitlam section of the Port Mann bridge roadworks failed because of inadequate engineering. If anyone has info, email me at


  8. Norm, Who was the engineer on the Coquitlam section? Under the terms for which proposals were requested, it would have been the PPP proponent, Kiewit. When Kiewit failed to meet the qualifications to build the Project, we were advised that it became a 'Design, Bid, Build' project as in the fashion of the 'Good Old Days'. In that scenario the gov't was the engineer. However, in this case there was no time to 're-engineer' the project and its pretty obvious we went with Kiewit's design and engineering.
    That's one of the problems with this secretive “Gov't/Favourite Contractor” relationships. There is no accountability! In the G.O.D. all the competing contractors would be aware of the rules and there would be no place for the shenanigans that have gone on for the last 12 years.

    And now the well is dry. Well, except for LNG. And you know how fast that stuff vapourizes.

    Good luck on your quest. You won't be pleased with what you find at the bottom.
    John's Aghast


  9. I agree with Anonymous May 11 8:50 p.m. I always felt that Christy Clark was going to be another Kim Campbell, although given her central role in B.C. Rail, I'd call it karma rather than “truly unfortunate”. Given Kinsella's close ties to Gordon Campbell, I think we can identify the eminence grise in all this now.


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