Justice delayed: time is money

In the USA today, a black youth was jailed for life after a jury trial convicted him of a March 2013 shooting. The time from homicide to related conviction: 5 months and 22 days.

In British Columbia today, prosecutors announced they will seek to appeal the acquittal of Const. Bill Bentley on a charge he gave perjured testimony to an inquiry after he and three other RCMP members killed Robert Dziekanski. Perjury charges against the three others are unlikely to proceed until the Bentley case is finalized. That might take years and taxpayers are paying for both the prosecution and the defence.

The time from homicide to the present day: 5 years, 10 months and 29 days.

Yes, time is money. Taxpayers’ money, for a number of people.

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  1. ANY legal proceeding involving govt employees seems to take a ridiculously inordinate amount of time.
    Delay, deny, obfuscate seems to be the “official” mantra these days. Professional “spin doctors” to answer softball questions from compliant, subserviant “news” reporters…

    I remeber almost spraying coffee across the room when I heard Wally Oppal's sputtering outrage at a reporters question about “lax sentences for serious crimes”. His reply,
    “How dare you question the Courts sentencing. Your disrespecting the judicial system”

    Sorry Wally, the judicial system in this country is a joke and everyone, ESPECIALLY the criminals , knows it…

    Respect in the judicial system AND the Media has been lost and its going to take a long long time , if ever, to get it back.



  2. As for the “brave” undercover VPD officer that was video'd punching a handcuffed suspect in the face for asking a simple question. ( The suspects crime? Riding a bicycle without a helmet and lights……..)
    Well done. All the work that the VPD have tried to do to improve public relations …..down the toilet.
    The officer has just confirmed my suspicions that most police are like the criminals they chase. Steriod thugs with attitudes of entitlement that goes to their head.

    When are these morons going to join the 21st Century and realize that EVERYWHERE they go they are on video.
    My apologies to Morons everywhere.


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