Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Code for Senators

Questions to be answered:

  • Was the payment of $90,000 to Senator Mike Duffy reasonably considered to relate to the Senator’s position or, since the related expenses had been rejected by the Senate, to Duffy’s personal affairs?
  • When the Conservative Party of Canada paid $13,500 for his legal expenses, was that related to business of the Senate or Duffy’s personal affairs?
  • Is the total of $103,500 paid to or on behalf of Duffy taxable income or taxable benefit, as it almost certainly would be in the private sector?
  • Did Senator Duffy file require disclosures with Senate Ethics Officer?

Extracted from the Senate’s Code of Ethics:

Prohibition: gifts and other benefits

17.(1) Neither a Senator, nor a family member, shall accept, directly or indirectly, any gift or other benefit, except compensation authorized by law, that could reasonably be considered to relate to the Senator’s position.


(2) A Senator, and a family member, may, however, accept gifts or other benefits received as a normal expression of courtesy or protocol, or within the customary standards of hospitality that normally accompany the Senator’s position.

Statement: gift or other benefit

(3) If a gift or other benefit that is accepted under subsection (2) by a Senator or his or her family members exceeds $500 in value, or if the total value of all such gifts or benefits received from one source in a 12-month period exceeds $500, the Senator shall, within 30 days after the gift or benefit is received or after that total value is exceeded, as the case may be, file with the Senate Ethics Officer a statement disclosing the nature and value of the gifts or other benefits, their source and the circumstances under which they were given.

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  1. In light of what we have witnessed thus far in this whole affair, I would say they should possibly destroy any code of ethics either for the government or the senate.
    They,The Codes, are nothing more than wasted space on some taxpayer paid for hard disc on a now unused computer.
    This is scandalous behavior on all involved, complete disregard of all taxpayers leave in their care.
    So Insulting!


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