BC Ferries

On BC Ferries with Ian Jessop, CFAX1070

Between 2004 and 2013, BC population increased 10%, ferry vehicle and passenger traffic went down 12% while fares on major routes rose 60%, 3½ times the rate of inflation.

Here is a list of directors that served British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. and BC Ferry Authority in the fiscal years 2009 through 2013. In this five year period, fees paid the directors totalled about $3.6 million. According to Elections BC, directors and companies associated with them contributed at least $1.3 million to the BC Liberal Party since 2005.

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. Current Directors

  • Jane M. Bird
  • Donald P. Hayes
  • John A. Horning
  • Guy D. Johnson
  • Brian G. Kenning
  • Gordon R. Larkin
  • Maureen V. Macarenko
  • Geoff Plant
  • Graham M. Wilson

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. Former Directors (2009-2013)

  • Mark L. Cullen
  • Christopher G. Gardner
  • Elizabeth J. Harrison
  • Holly A. Haston-Grant
  • A. Daniel Miller
  • Jane L. Peverett
  • Stephen E. Smith
  • Wayne H. Stoilen (brother of Ass’t Ferry Commissioner Sheldon Stoilen)

B.C. Ferry Authority Current Directors

  • Bohdan I. Bodnar
  • Christopher M. Causton
  • Roderick D. Dewar
  • Robin W. Kenyon
  • A. Daniel Miller
  • Randolph K. Morriss
  • Jane L. Peverett
  • John Radosevic
  • Stephen E. Smith

B.C. Ferry Authority Former Directors (2009-2013)

  • Christopher G. Gardner
  • Thomas W. Harris
  • Gordon R. Larkin

British Columbia Ferry Commissioners

  • Gord Macatee
  • Sheldon Stoilen (Assistant Commissioner)

Here is a list of all the people that have served on Boards of Directors overseeing Washington State Ferries. In its last fiscal year, WSF carried 10 million vehicles; by comparison, 7.7 million vehicles used the vessels of BC Ferries during its last fiscal year.

  • No boards of directors manage Washington State Ferries.

You can read my extensive commentary on BC Ferries by scrolling through the articles linked HERE

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  1. Dang! The clip ended just as we were hearing of the special skills Geoff Plant brings to BC Ferries.Or did the sudden silence sum it up for us?

    Great interview, Norm. Hopefully there'll be many more.


  2. I was explaining that Geoff Plant, lawyer and politician, while a partner in large Vancouver law firm Heenan Blaikie, which has billed the province almost $2 million in the last two years, gets another $50,000 a year for attending a few directors' meetings at BC Ferries. This is a guy who promised he was not going to be a “career politician.”


  3. You would be shocked to learn the extent of the patronage network established by the BC Liberal government. There are countless organizations supposedly delivering services or advice to the province or allegedly managing public assets. The system is convenient for the government because it takes work out of the public sector where it can be easily reviewed by the public, it allows the public to fund rewards to loyal political operatives and it allows the Liberals to raise party funds by rewarding contributors. Between tax credits and patronage rewards, financial supporters of the government party can actually profit by giving them funds.


  4. Jane Bird, received $20,000 a month for years, working on the Canada Line (SNC's code for her was “Bird Brain”) and again she turned up on TransLink's Board of Incompetents. Now I see her feeding off the BC Ferry trough. Who is she and what pictures of who does she have to grow rich on the taxpayer's dime?


  5. Indeed Ms. Bird continues to earn elsewhere. Her remuneration from another provincial company – Columbia Power Corporation – earns her more than $250K a year. She also serves on the board of Simon Fraser Community Corporation, another trough for feeding friends of the government. Additionally, she is a director of Global Container Terminals Inc., an operator of terminal facilities in the Port of Vancouver.


  6. Director Maureen Macarenko is the mother of CBC Vancouver's news anchor Gloria Macarenko.

    How likely is it that her reporting on anything to do with BC Ferry gluttony, or transit boondoggles, is influenced by the fact that her mother and JANE BIRD (Canada Line) are on the BC Ferries board!

    By appointing her mother to the board, they’ve got Gloria and her influential tv news position, right where they want her.


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