Income Inequality

Unplanned encouragement of opponents

A TransCanada Corp. executive has advice for people who oppose pipeline projects such as Northern Gateway, Energy East and Keystone XL.

He’s quoted by CBC News:

“I used to believe if we got 55 or 60 per cent [support] … we’d be off to the races,” said Alex Pourbaix, president of Energy and Oil Pipelines for TransCanada.

“And what I’ve found is that a very small minority of very vocal opponents, in any given community, can go a long way to harming your project.”

Pourbaix made the comments in a speech to the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council Outlook 2014 conference in Saint John on Thursday.

TransCanada will soon be seeking regulatory approval on its pipeline proposal, which would send send 1.1 million barrels of oil per day from Western Canada to refineries and export terminals in Eastern Canada…

While looking at the TransCanada annual reports, I noted that in the last fiscal year, the company’s net income was down 14%. In the world of major corporations,  it’s heads the CEO wins and tails the shareholders lose. Accordingly, despite declining profitability in 2012, the remuneration of TransCanada’s CEO Russell Girling increased $145,000 a month, a 25% rise.

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  1. In an age of total corruption; total villainy, the corrupt and villains get richer. Law and order, which we once knew, is no more and only the most media sensitive crime is truly investigated.Our courts are presided over by the intellectually challenged and the stink of graft has wafted from the halls of politicians to the corridors of those who used to uphold the law.

    Criminals that were once shunned by the “people” are now treated as “good citizens”, as millions are spent on PR firms, who do nothing but make criminals seem poor, misguided folk.

    Theft is now seen as “a way of doing business”, and everyone who can sucks at the political and corporate teat.

    No wonder people riot, as Canada circles around the abyss of despair.


  2. Bill Good will be there on CKNW's Chief Executive Series, paying sycophantic praise to corporate profiteers such as Girling and working to build the reputations of tarnished business “leaders' like John Furlong. Screw the physicians and healthcare workers who save countless lives. Forget the philsophers, educators, researchers and social scientists who aim to improve life for all. Celebrate greed and material wealth and worship those who accumulate more than they could ever need for their own comforts.


  3. Bill Good is the epitome of evil; a man who has the means to change social behavior; he could out the mean spirited politicians and the greedy business type whose soul purpose in life is to accumulate wealth for their own benefit. Instead he fauns over them as if they were the gods incarnate. The man has lost all moral scruple as he acts the lick spittle to the wealthy; the ass kisser; the man who could, but did not.

    We only inhabit this mortal coil for a very short duration and to be remembered as someone who cared, who used his/her powers for the social good is something to be honored with. Instead, good will be remembered as a son who did not fit in his dad's shadow and became the “yes” man for the rich. His passing will be only a small footnote, to be forgotten in a very short time. How pathetic an epitaph; “he who could do good, but didn't, Alas he chose to kiss ass”.


  4. Pourbaix:

    “And what I've found is that a very small minority of very vocal opponents, in any given community, can go a long way to harming your project.”

    Margaret Mead:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    July Morning


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