CKNW Orphans’ Fund Financial Recap

Based on T3010 reports filed by the charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):

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  1. When I listen to their pitch for money on pledge day, I'll remember they've got four and a half million cash and investments, enough for two years operations if they don't get another donation.


  2. Wow. The increase in advertising in one year is really alarming. Who was the recipient of all this expenditure? Are there watchdogs that this can be reported to? Definitely funny business going on here, perhaps keeping a radio station afloat?


  3. Agreed, it is not bad. Remember though that my argument with Corus Entertainment and CKNW is not about the actual costs the charity is paying, my complaint is that the radio station has consciously fed the myth that it continues to pay overhead costs and that “every cent goes to the kids.”

    I've not listened to today's pledge day but in 2012, they allowed misinformation to be stated repeatedly, without correction.

    As in many things, what bothers is the hypocrisy of someone claiming that one condition applies when it is known to be wrong.


  4. Norm, CBC Vancouver raised 614k for BC food banks yesterday. The CBC held similar fund raisers at stations across BC, one can assume they are doing the same thing across Canada.

    CBC “celebs” were flown in for the event. My question: how much of the 614K were spent on flights, accommodation etc? Multiply the expenses required to host similar events across Canada and one might conclude that some serious dollars have been spent to make us feel good about sharing.

    July Morning


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