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My December 9 session with Ian Jessop on CFAX 1070 covers the why and how of In-Sights, formerly Northern Insights, with a short end comment about BC Ferries.

BTW, I’m working on a number of items including more on BC Ferries and a review of Global TV News’ formal responses following my September complaint to the Broadcast Standards Council. After I rejected Global’s initial effort, it was scheduled for examination by the BSC. However, the network’s national VP of News provided an appropriate response and ordered an on-air correction. This was my third formal complaint about the work of television broadcasters. My record is 3-0.

With eye surgery at Lions Gate Hospital scheduled for December 10, the timing of work in the next few days is unpredictable. Stay tuned.

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  1. Norm,

    Best wishes on your upcoming surgery.

    And thanks for another year of Insight.

    Hope your Christmas Season is filled with family, friends and laughter.


  2. Hey Norm,

    I hope all turns out well with your hospital visit. And like so many others, thanks for providing the news that matters.

    Guy in Victoria


  3. I imagine there's a pun in there somewhere linking your surgery to the name of the blog but I'm sure it won't help alleviate any pre-op nervousness. They sure are good at it now, hope all goes perfect. Then you can get back on GlobalTV's case. I still fume thinking of a very long and glowing segment done by Deb Hope on the Fitzsimmons Creek IPP. She presented as “news” that the Whistler Olympics would be powered in great part by this “green” run-of-river project when in fact no power gets produced by them in the dead of winter when we need it most. That is the fact that should have been “news”. Just like all the other facts about all the other goings on in this province…..nary a word. I have a official complaint registered that they should not be allowed to use the term “News” to describe the entertainment program run between 6 and 7 every evening… is just one long ET Tonight…..I think……don't watch it any more…..though my better half misses Squire terribly.


  4. Add my name to the chorus. I did cataracts in the left eye in 2009 and an Achmed valve in the right eye in 2012, both going fabulously. Some funny upshots, I really didn't need a left lens following the initial surgery, so I just popped it out. Going to the local Saturday market was a hoot as people poked their fingers through to assure themselves that there really was no lens. Only one friend had the good sense to come under the frame and poke out toward space to save me from having to take evasive action. I put in a replacement lens. It also turns out that the ophthalmologist I've been seeing in a keen reader and we've had some ongoing exchanges about books and the ideas contained therein. So I wish you a successful surgery and a speedy and painless recovery, a lovely holiday season and lots of opportunity to watch the days grow longer.


  5. Good luck with the surgery Norm. BTW, Chrispy DOES listen after all. Just takes a while for it to sink in. I told her innumerable times to use the NG to power the ferries and the railroad locomotives. I guess since she gave away the railway she wasn't interested in THAT idea, but she seems to be coming around WRT the ferries. I imagine your Blog might have helped too!


  6. Heck Norman, you could have simply called your Blog “Insight”, because that is what you give us week in and week out. And for that I thank you.
    Your quality of Life will improve beyond your wildest hopes, post surgery. I have had both eyes done, using the old Snip And Stitch method, as laser wasn't appropriate. I have often said since, that “if I could give the Surgeon a million dollars I'd still owe him” for his skills! In many ways Norman, we live in the best of times, this surgery being one of them.
    So, you're about to enter a new lease on Life indeed!
    Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, and a healthy and happy 2014 to you and your's.
    Grand kiddies in particular!

    Gary L.


  7. I finally made time to listen to you on Ian Jessop. You are a great interview: well spoken, well researched, and with a relevant message.

    Interesting fact about the Texada population. If you mentioned it in your previous post about the ferry, I missed it. That really speaks to the quality of ferries management and the real reasons to increase the size of the vessel.

    Interesting comment on Washington State's requirement for at-home construction of their ships. I could support something like that here, but with some form of protection against gouging because of the limited number of shipyards who could compete on that scale.

    And I really appreciate your (Ian's) comments regarding independence. I believe we used to get independence from our major media in BC, not so much anymore.

    All of which leads me to repeat my gratefulness for the ongoing work you do. And I hope your work inspires others to apply their energies to bringing truth to the masses.

    Back before the Order of BC became seriously tarnished, you would have been a leading candidate.


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