Propaganda presented as credible news

Were I a new arrival in Canada who relied on major media, I would believe, as Canadian Press reported, Northern Gateway is a project that,

“…will put billions of dollars into the coffers of Alberta, Ottawa and other provincial governments…”

Further, I would believe that the NEB’s Joint Review Panel decision today is definitive. As CP reported,

“Much hangs in the balance.”

I would be completely ignorant of the reality that the NEB is not an independent body but is an adjunct of Canada’s energy industry, with every member long immersed in the business.

I would be unaware that the NEB is appointed and directed by the federal Conservative government, which intends to have Northern Gateway approved and has power and will to amend, annul or disregard any JRP decision.

Nor would I understand that the only adjudication that truly matters is the one the Supreme Court of Canada will make when it considers the near unanimous opposition to Northern Gateway of British Columbia’s First Nations people.

It would take some time to realize that the mainstream media simply pretends the Northern Gateway review process is something other than window dressing.

From a reader:

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  1. Norm–

    Are you certain that certain members of the mainstream media do not believe as many untruths, or are as unaware of as many true realities, as your mythical new arrival?

    After all, why would such media members need actually to know about things as they truly are when they are so rarely held to account for promulgating PR-machine generated stories that are so rarely true?



  2. Neither(so much for i before e except after c) enbridge nor harper nor clark will 'decide' if their(same) pipeline gets built.

    The peoples of BC will make that decision regardless of how many obstacles and threats the 'elected (?)' pawns use to prevent us we will “Beat them on the land, in the air and on the sea, on the beaches, in the trenches, in the courts and wherever else we need to be and we will never again surrender.”


  3. We laughed at Harper's stacked panel of the NEB, right from day one. Everything Harper touches is corrupted and fouled. Christy Clark works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

    Harper signed a deal with, the Red Communist China Army. That is what it is going to take, to build that atrocity of the Enbridge pipeline, into BC. We know, Harper and Campbell signed sneak deals regarding the Enbridge, behind BC citizens backs.

    There is no-one more despised in BC than? Harper, his Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and, Communist China. Harper is giving that atrocity of China, our resources and resource jobs. 300 Canadians were laid off in the oil patch and, their jobs given to Harper's foreigners.

    We know there are thousands of Chinese coming to take the Northern BC mine jobs. China paid for 800 hectares at Prince Rupert, that is where Communist China is building their LNG plants. China also wants the 18 mines and timber on, Vancouver Island.

    Harper's team are, useless, spineless, gutless wonders. They are no better than Harper is.
    BC citizens are supporting the F.N. people in, their battle against the atrocity of the Enbridge pipeline. If it takes a Resistance? There are still WW2 Veterans, that will gladly give their advise. They loathe Harper, just as much as we do.


  4. I notice that the MSM is saying that Gateway was approved with 209 conditions. But then they quote (as in the TimesColonist and on Global) recommendations by the NEB. If conditions are firm, they must be adhered to; recommendations can be and are usually ignored.
    Well done MSM: you are whitewashing, again.


  5. apparently, only there were only 2 british Columbians who spoke for this project . all the rest were against. this is some kind of democracy! not…. Enbridge is the king of oil spills. they have proven time after time that they care little for the environment. A May 2010 report by the Polaris Institute, drawing on government and Enbridge data, identified 49 “significant incidents” on the company’s pipelines between 1999 and 2009. The accidents, in total, resulted in three worker deaths, 26,000 barrels (more than one million gallons) of oil and other materials spilled, and more than $30 million in property damage.
    Between 1999 and 2008, according to the Polaris Institute, Enbridge recorded 610 spills in the U.S. and Canada that released 132,000 barrels of hydrocarbons into farms, wetlands and waterways on the continent. According to the Polaris Institute, this volume of crude “amounts to approximately half of the oil that spilled from the oil tanker the Exxon Valdez after it struck a rock in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1988.”
    Minnesota was the state with the largest number of these incident (18), including a 2002 spill that leaked more than 250,000 gallons of oil into a marsh near the town of Cohasset, previously the company’s largest U.S. spill. Eleven of the 57 significant oil pipeline spills in Minnesota since 2002 were the fault of Enbridge. doubly scary is when you google oil spills around the world and see just how much oil has tainted so many countries.


  6. Loved the cartoon! Its priceless.

    Like who believes what is written in the MSM these days. certainly not I. For news in B.C. or any thing to do with the federal government, it is best to check independent media and blogs.

    Its sort of like Canada Post saying they can't afford the pensions for the workers. They forget Canada Post took about a 20 yr “vacation” from paying their share of the premiums, while the employees kept paying theirs. Yes, one could see where they might be a little short of funds.

    The Government is simply not telling the whole truth about anything. The MSM don't want to report anything which might upset the government because they either benefit from the government or don't want to loose the advertising. the reporters who work for the MSM don't want to rock the boat and loose their jobs. Some have been in the game long enough that they could leave and go independent but then there is the small problem of greed and hey, they may actually believe all the bullshit the government is trying to peddle.


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