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  1. These two sources within the BC Liberal Government is designed to justify their taking a percentage of our fuel gas taxes from Metro Vancouverites to pay the S2S contractor, aka Concessionaire, a guess-and-by-golly WITHOUT charging a fee to the USERS of the highway! We all pay for the S2S but the majority of us DON'T use it at all.

    ……the provincial government either pays the concessionairea unitary performance based payment or allows the concessionaire to charge a toll or fees to users of the asset

    A 2009 PP3 “Unitary performance based payment” is explained by the Comptroller of British Columbia like this:

    Prudent management The relationship between capital spending and debt requires the province to establish an accountability measure that ensures the capital plan will meet the needs of the province, while at the same time keeping debt affordable for current and future citizens.


  2. PS P-15-5NS is the toll counter (location) for the S2S highway, just north of Horseshoe Bay…. or at least in 2009 it was there. The link takes your readers to Transportation Minister Todd Stone's website listing off ALL of the toll counters in British Columbia. They're kept up to date, but the S2S, the Shadow toll isn't, just like Norman has stated with Ian Jessop. They counters are embedded in the road for each lane, two “boxes” spaced eight feet apart, front/rear wheels rolls across the first box and the second, and within split seconds the department of highway KNOWS the exact speed each vehicle is traveling….. throughout the province.


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