"Cardboard box? You’re lucky…"

Vancouver firm promises to build home in Third World for every local condo sold, The Province, Feb 2014

“Two Vancouver businessmen have started a real-estate gifting program with the lofty aspiration of providing 30,000 homes by 2020…”

Humanitarian movement, scam or novel self-promotion? We don’t know and we’re unlikely to learn exact details because the newspaper quoted one entrepreneur,

“We are not a registered charity. With our corporate charter, any profits are put back into the buildings and gifting of homes.”

Roughly translated, “Trust us, we’ll be good.”

I wondered what sort of house would be constructed in the Third World if I rushed out and bought a new condo. That stimulated recall of a famous discussion between four Yorkshiremen. I think I was in a conversation like theirs after a reunion with high school classmates from the sixties.

If you’re my age, you’ve probably had one that included a bit like this,

“I had to get up in the morning half an hour before I went to bed…”

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  1. of course they would want to build in a third world country. then no one can see when they don't. If they were really committed to homelessness, or rather the ending of it, they'd build for the homeless right here in B.C. If they don't have any in Vancouver, we in the Comox Valley have a lot of homeless people. They found trailers in a camp ground, which various people in the Comox Valley support, but the Courtenay council wants to evict them all. So far a judge has prevented that. So let the condo kings come to Courtenay and build a few homes over here. We know the lieberals aren't going to.


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