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I’ll be talking with Ian Jessop, Monday June 9, on CFAX1070. While the BC Government lays seige to public education, it seems a good time to see if all the cupboards are bare, or just the ones that might improve learning conditions in classrooms.

BC teachers claim they are paid 11th best of 13 provinces and territories. I think it is always worth comparing salaries paid in BC to those paid elsewhere so I’ve done a little comparison in other sectors. Some of the information I’ve discovered:

In 2012, almost 300 people working in local governments earned over $160,000. Using municipal populations, I calculated the number of residents for each person earning over that amount. West Vancouver’s number is worst; Surrey’s is best. The Greater Vancouver Numbers are even worse than they seem because the regional district, Metro Vancouver, and Translink have 48 people earning above $160,000.

By comparison, recent British reports revealed the UK government, serving a population 14x that of BC, has 800 public servants earning over £100,000 (equivalent to $160,000). In this province, the number of people working for government and government agencies who earn more than that threshold number almost 3,000.
There are well more than 100 senior public servants in BC earning more than the highest paid civil servant in the United Kingdom.

Click here for other material about the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.

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  1. BC's highly paid pension fund managers claim 9.5% returns in 2012-13 but my pension contributions, which they manage, got 1.4% in 2013 after getting 1.5% in 2012. A few years ago, my pension contributions were earning more than 5% so it appears that, to pay much higher salaries, they chopped the return given people providing the money they invest.

    Something does not compute.


  2. This is very enlightening but I think I will have to reserve my judgment until CKNW tells me how this relates
    to the decade of despair 90s and Adrian Dix`s memo to file . Then I will be informed.


  3. What is so sad is that we have crooks and villains running the show. The BC Liberals are rewarding all their friends and insiders with great wealth, while the province sinks into a despair of poverty, ignorance and want. The common person is attacked for more and more taxes to pay for the BC Liberals excesses, yet the average person is tapped out. There is no Robin Hood; no white knight to save as the population has been enslaved by the most venal and evil people in this province.

    There is no hope only more and more of the same malicious and evil rule by n elites mob that knows no boundary. The have raped this province for the benefit of the few and the only way to remove this cancerous mass of evil will be direct action; civil disobedience. The real question is: do we have guys to go through with it?


  4. Norm;
    Do you have a link to the Jessop show you were on?

    Evil Eye;
    Valid thoughts and comments but…
    No one is listening.
    I forward links of Farrell, Mackin & Oberfeld to friends and relatives, but getting them to actually read it and give a rats latter parts is a struggle. I have to be careful and selective or they will simply tune me out. I sent Norms piece about raw logs to a tree loving “forester” and she didn’t read it because the people in her little world say BC has one of the best forest management policies in the world. How do you fight that logic?

    They don’t care what goes on in Ontario (other than the Ford fiasco) Quebec or anywhere else. If it isn’t on Facebook or YouTube it doesn’t rate. The under 40s don’t pay attention and the over 40s say they have given up. Corruption here in BC isn’t even on the radar for most people. No? Then how is it these clowns have been in power for 13 years?

    Norm’s latest numbers should be enough to get people really angry and if you throw Mackin et al into the mix it should be Syria in the streets of Victoria, but most people have never heard of the bloggers you and I read.

    Civil disobedience? Forget it! There is about as much interest in what is going on here as there is in Putin.

    No, this government has us exactly where they want us.



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