Megan Metcalfe speaks

From a Facebook post. You can read the entire item HERE.

“I sent a letter to Christie Clark’s office, Peter Fassbender’s office, and my MLA about two weeks ago. I got a response just today. It was addressed from the Premier’s office, but it was not signed and there was no name connected to it. It was the most bland, uninformative “yes, thanks for your input, we’re doing our best, yada, yada, yada” kind of letter. So I sent this back:

“Hm. I would address this to an individual, but no one signed the form letter that was sent to me. I do thank you for at least replying to me. But I find the content of your reply to be quite empty and void of real concern or discussion.

I am an open minded individual, and I like to pride myself on listening to both sides of any story, but I am angry right now, angrier than I’ve ever been as an adult citizen of Canada.

“You see, I feel that the provincial government’s actions at this time in history are unconstitutional.

“I feel that my son’s years in school have been decimated, specifically and directly as a result of decisions that have been made to support the wealthy via tax cuts at the expense of our educational system.

“Your very large, very expensive ads to denigrate the teachers’ position in the negotiations included incorrectly done math!! Is it that the people you had construct these ads are incompetent, or is it that you think the people of BC are stupid enough to believe the incorrectness of the ad? Either avenue does not bode well for the perception of the liberal government.

“I have heard the analogy used, and I think it’s a pretty good one, that if a family needs to “tighten its belt” financially, it doesn’t go buy a Lamborghini then say it can’t afford groceries. This seems to be what the choices of the Liberal government reflect. It’s not that the money doesn’t exist, clearly if we can spring for a roof on a stadium to the tune of 514 Million dollars, there is money available, the only question is, what will we spend it on?

“I believe, from what I have read, what has been shared with me, and from what actions I’ve seen the Liberals take, that there is not only a personal vendetta against teachers, but an all out war on proper education for the masses. I think you are making every effort to create a two-tiered educational system. High end for the wealthy, low end for the economically struggling. And I don’t like it. And I will stand up against it…”

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  1. Sorry, Norm and Megan. The MSM reminds us daily: look in' at you, “cutting edge of the lege” or “who cut the cheese?”….whatever, that the voters had an opportunity to turf this government last year but chose to reward them with another term. Sadly, for the first time, I have to agree with them.


  2. Krank! The conclusion you and “cutting edge of the legs” have arrived at can only be considered plausible if the government[Christy Clark] had truthfully been forthcoming to the public and had run their campaign on truths.
    Lying and cheating on their part cannot now be passed of or seen in any way as voter's stupidity. They simply made the mistake of believing unscrupulous liars!


  3. krank!'s comment highlights a misconception amongst electors, that being the notion that you're finished with the governance of your jurisdiction when you've cast your vote. A true citizen rides herd on any and all administrations without being intrusive until the administration steps outside the bounds of common interest. Once that occurs, there is much that can be done, starting with cajoling letters to politicians and snarky letters to editors, blogs and FOI material, petitions, demonstrations qhe, when nothing else brings the vagrant administration to heel, pitchforks, as one Seattle plutocrat recently reminded his fellow .01 %-ers. Too bad so many are either cowed by the sheer monstrosity of what's being perpetrated, or who choose to remain blissfully ignorant of the straitened circumstances that are being imposed by the very people whose mandate is to ensure the welfare of all.


  4. “…… or who choose to remain blissfully ignorant of the straitened circumstances that are being imposed by the very people whose mandate is to ensure the welfare of all.”

    Stupidity is a rare condition, ignorance is a common choice.

    Many use ignorance in an attempt to relieve themselves of responsibility and to paint themselves as victims.


  5. Despite the fact the unscrupulous liars had a lot of help, from their handmaidens in the media to the opposition showing up to a gunfight armed with a wet noodle, voters had a decade of actual documented past performance on which to base their judgement.

    I agree with Danneau. Some electors chose to remain blissfully ignorant.


  6. hey I not only like the letter, I like her ideas. I'd like to send a copy of it to my MLA. it would be a fun letter to get out there and have people simply send it with a ya, me too on it.

    this current strike may well drag on into sept. If that is to occur, then it is suggested the intent of the government's actions is to send as many students to private schools as possible, thus breaking the strike, via the back door. If this strike lasts 6 months into the new school yr, many parents will be at their wits end and sign on for almost anything. It would also place a great deal of strain on school boards, something else I have a feeling crusty crunch and her cruets would like to see go. the assault on the education system of a country, is the beginning of the end of a decent democracy. I suspect Christy Clarke and her cabal are well on their way. They never did care much about kids which weren't theirs, so ……………

    On the other hand how many of those complaining about the strike, the education system and the treatment of teachers voted Lieberal to begin with. the chickens have come home to roost. Next time people, if they care about kids, need to question the policies of those seeking office regarding the treatment of children and that includes how they are educated.


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