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Nature has inviolate principles, Christy Clark does not

A comment left by Lew on an earlier article deserves to be featured.

Here is Christy Clark, the premier of our province, speaking as a radio show host just before leaving to run for leadership of the BC Liberals:

“Ferry fares go up on Friday. It will be the eighth fare hike over the past five years, and this time BC Ferries says it needs to do it to find the money for rising fuel costs, and since the provincial government refuses to chip in, they’re dumping almost all of those new costs on users.

The impact of the new fare increases? Well, according to BC Ferries latest annual report, these unprecedented fares, as they say, could result in a decline in ferry traffic, and that’s a quote. No kidding! And I’m guessing that the fares have finally gotten so high that for every dollar they raise it will actually garner less in revenue. Higher fares mean fewer passengers, so the accountants will have to subtract paying customers from every new dollar they add to ticket prices, and at this rate how long will it be before they abandon the routes where they don’t make any money? How long before the provincial government abandons their responsibility to provide a public service to many of the people who depend on the ferries to travel and ship their goods?

Our transportation minister seems to have an insatiable appetite for funding highways if they require blacktop, and he seems perfectly at peace with providing free ferries on inland lakes in BC, but he doesn’t seem to have the same affection for our maritime highway on the coast.”

The audio clip can be found in the CKNW audio vault for September 24th, 2014 starting at 2:26 pm.

Contrast her comments then with what her transportation minister is now telling the UBCM in the face of their report demonstrating that what radio host Clark said was valid and quite prescient.

“Our government has no plans to roll back any service adjustments that were made,” said Stone. “We have no plans to interfere in the independent process respecting rates, certainly for the rate increase that the B.C. ferry commissioner has set for next year.”

All that I wish to add is an audio clip of Clark’s remarks. It is from Mike Eckford’s show on CKNW, September 24.

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  1. Norm there is no doubt that a lot of people including myself respect the work you do. The time & effort you dedicate is found in the articles you print.
    But Norm, I still don't get. We have a lady who has spent millions upon millions of dollars to market a person that is not overly intelligent as a Premier of a Province with vast resources & a willing workforce.
    However under her leadership, people have left BC to seek good paying jobs and the others are forced with increased taxes that are disguised as “fees”. And for what ? To support a Liberal government that is so wrapped up in itself & it's close friends that are literally laughing all the way to the bank.
    What's it going to take for taxpayers in this Province to actually understand the reality of our growing debt and the incompetent management of tax dollars into losing ventures such as BC Place, the Convention Centre etc ? At times I think the majority of taxpayers are so stupid that they can't see the difference between a Gordon Campbell & a Christy Clark. Yet all they have to do is remind them of “fast ferries” and they go berserk.
    I wish I had the answer Norm because unless taxpayers start shouting enough is enough, the Liberals will continue to rob us blind.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. G in V: Its easy peasy. Look at the commenters. Same people all the time. They are part of the choir and have time to follow the blogs, and to think. The rest of them are too busy working (hopefully), taking the kids to soccer/hockey/dancing etc. to have any more time than to eat and catch the 6 o'clock “News”. I don't think the '…taxpayers in this Province actually understand the reality…'. They certainly aren't going to learn it from the “News”.
    Meanwhile, Chrispy's off to India on a 'Trade Mission'. What's she got left to trade?
    What happened to the Mt. Polley disaster? All fixed?
    Do we REALLY need Site C?
    Will we REALLY sell some LNG? At a profit?
    Don't hold your breath waiting for taxpayers to start shouting enough is enough. Whether they realize it or not, they had had enough last May, 2013.
    I wish too, that someone had AN answer. For my grandkids sake.


  3. Alex T used to have a counter at his old site, which showed him how many unique IP addresses were watching his site. Is that possible for you on this site, Norm?

    I suspect there are many more that drop by to catch up on the news but are too shy to write their comments. It would be nice to know if there are thousands or tens of thousands reading here — but yes, John: how do we get the attention of the million+ zombies?


  4. I track readership with a couple of services and regular readers number in many tens of thousands.

    I don't post numerous comments because I refuse to provide a platform for trolls, for ad hominen attacks or for uncivil, uniformed or clearly erroneous contributions. Personally, I find many comment forums on the Internet to be unreadable. Some are informative and that allows for better understanding of issues but dross can easily obscure the worthwhile. I wouldn't let someone come into my home and shout insults at others and I won't let it happen on my website either.


  5. I am one who does not comment much but always comes back. I agree with your observation about some other comment forums and stop reading after a while because of the lack of civility. That is unfortunate because I am sure there are valid comments in these long threads but I can only read so many attacking others before I get sick of it. Keep up the great work Norm and I have linked numerous friends to your site for good, factual information and civil discourse in the comments.


  6. Not sure if is me, or a bad link to the CC clip so for those who can’t make it work:
    If you can, listen for the full hour, starting at 2pm, it is disturbing.

    It’s a little reassuring to hear someone in the MSM actually dedicating serious time to this and I hope Mike Eckford is not just doing it because he is from “the coast.”

    The Christy clip is disgusting and an insult to ALL the people of BC. It is a glaring example of why politicians are so despised. What a absolute sham she is.

    Also in that segment are the usual shallow thinking people who believe the ferry system is a “personal water taxi” that the rest of us shouldn’t have to subsidize. I had to laugh at the caller who said he is a contractor who goes to the Gulf Islands to “work for them” and they are all a bunch of elitists who don’t deserve the ferry system. So, without the ferries, how would he like the barge service, how much would he be willing to pay for it and how much does he think he could pass on those elitists?

    I wonder if the shallow thinkers ever stop to think how many times the people from Church House or Quathiaski Cove use the Sea to Sky or Canada Line. They pay for it, just like the rest of us.

    In the 1880s my ancestors landed on the beach near Powell River and became homesteaders and hand loggers. They regularly crossed Malispina Straight, by row boat, to Vananda for supplies. Is this what Christie and the shallow ones would have us return to?

    Coastal BC is where it all began.


  7. Christy Clark is, merely Harper's mouthpiece. Can you imagine Harper permitting Christy to deal with BC's vast resources? Not on your nelly. When Harper paid a visit to Vancouver Island, I knew our ancient forests would be decimated. Sure enough, 400 year old Douglas Firs are being hacked down.

    Not even our parks are safe from government greed. Christy's non-stop lies? 100,000 jobs for BC people and her weary refrain of, families first? China is building their LNG plant near Prince Rupert. BC's ship building contract was given to Poland.

    I thought there was a recall petition, out on Chrisy Clark?


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